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Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? March 26, 2012

This meme starts at Book Journey!

What Are You Reading, is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week. It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

I had a good week of reading and reviewing although not much blog visiting.   I completed four books; posted four book reviews, an author guest post with Giveaway, an excerpt with giveaway chance links, a Giveaway Hop and a Sourcebook announcement. Plus I posted the regular Friday Pick Giveaway, Saturday Sharing Beyond Books Comment Giveaway and Sunday Words. 

Thanks again to the nice people who visited me last week.I didn't get to visit last week but hope to tonight.
These were last week's posts plus a Winner post not listed.
  • Audio Book Review: Lothaire by Kresley Cole; Paranormal Romance;  my rating 4.0.  
Finished Reading:
1. ebook/Kindle

The Day of First Sun
by Sheryl Steines 

An enjoyable fantasy. Review and Excerpt Posts linked above.

2. Audio CD (in car)

by Kresley Cole.
A sexy romance.
Audio Book Review linked above.

3. eBook/Kindle

by Jamie McDougall
This is an engaging werewolf story.  
I'll post a review this week. Read for the author.
Product DescriptionRunning from a nightmare stalking her every move, Phoebe Martin arrives in Echo Falls hoping she has finally found a safe place to stop. But trouble has a way of catching up and soon the signs are there.

After a vicious attack in an alley, policeman Aidan O'Bryan is left with Phoebe as his only path to understanding why the Echo Falls werewolf pack - his pack - is being attacked. When another pack member is killed, Phoebe is forced to confront her past before she loses Aidan and everything she has come to love.

Love and duty become one as Aidan strives to prevent Phoebe from becoming the next victim. But with Phoebe just as determined to protect Aidan and her new home, secrets from her past threaten to tear them apart.

Will love give Phoebe the strength to trust Aidan and face her fears, or will her past destroy her future?

4. eBook/Kindle (NG) 

by Vicki Hinze
This is a 'hauntingly' nice read.
I'll post the review this week.
Read for the Publisher through NetGalley.
Product Description“[A}clever fusion of humor, mystery, and romance.” – Publishers Weekly“Powerful and uplifting.” – Literary TimesWhimsy. Serenity. And a Touch of Magic. The Seascape Inn.Marketing executive Maggie Wright and artist T.J. MacGregor are linked by a mysterious car accident that killed Maggie’s cousin, Carolyn, T.J.’s fiancée. When Maggie arrives on the Maine coast determined to get answers from T.J., she discovers a tortured man who is bound to the Seascape Inn by supernatural forces. Despite the tragedy that stands between them, Maggie and T.J. begin to fall in love, seeking answers and a healing spirit they may never achieve. Vicki Hinze is the award-winning author of 24 novels, 4 nonfiction books and hundreds of articles, published in as many as sixty-three countries. She is recognized by Who’s Who in the World as an author and as an educator. Visit her at

Line Edits/Releases: Making final adjustments then releases will be posting.

Currently reading:

1. Print

Believe It or Not
by Tawna Fenske
This is definitely fun!
Reading for Sourcebooks.
Product Description - click on title link.

2. eBook/Kindle

by Suzanne Barrett
I just started this and I like the characters already.
Reading for the Author.
Product Description
Justine Farris would do anything for her dotty old aunt, but marrying Declan Walsh seems just plain crazy. Although the handsome handyman might be sent back to Ireland unless they pretend to tie the knot, how can Justine possibly say “I do” when they can’t agree on anything.

Declan would never have proposed to an independent, unconventional woman like Justine, but this is an emergency. Then, suddenly, he begins to wish that his temporary fiancée could stay in his arms forever. And where there’s a will, there’s a way…

3.  Print (Kindle)

Book Club was postponed a week and I still have to read this.
Book Description - click on title.

4. Audio (on MP3)

by Annette Blair
I am enjoying the sweet story and this audio.
Review will post on April 3.
Reviewing for Audiolark.
 Product Description
Jacob Sauder abandons his Amish heritage when the woman he loves, Rachel Zook, agrees to marry his brother, Simon. Though he adapts to the ways of the “English” — even fathering twins — he remains an outsider. When the mother of his twins dies, Jacob knows only one way to raise his children — the Amish way. He brings them home to the community he vowed to leave forever. For his children he can do anything, even be strong when he sees Rachel, his love, married to his brother.

Years ago, Simon lied to ensure a future with Rachel Zook as his wife. Now Rachel is barren, a disappointment to him. Unaware of the lie Simon told to drive Jacob away, Rachel believes Jacob abandoned her when he left the Amish community. Shocked when he returns with two-year-old twins, Rachel knows there can be nothing between them, for marriage is a life-long commitment among the Amish. But the twins need a mother and Rachel loves children. As she cares for Jacob’s children as if they were her own, her feelings for him deepen into a love that cannot be.

Jacob’s Return is the story of a prodigal son, a forbidden love, and a fanatical preacher. As shocking as it is compelling, Jacob’s Return is both uplifting and unforgettable. A wonderful read, this is a universal story about love and faith in impossible circumstances.

I am again listening to The Listener's Bible NIV read by Max McLean. 
[Reading and listening on my new MP3.]
Instead of studying with the Tyndall One Year Bible this year I am studying with Through the Bible in One Year by Alan B. Stringfellow. It is a Study that I used for teaching back in around 1989 so I will enjoy it again. This week's reading will be 1st & 2nd Chronicles.

Line Edits: I hope to finish reports this week and get back to work on print releases.

I still have 5 books to finish and review for the month so A Light on the Veranda and Promise Me look like they will roll into April.
3/31 Love to Water My Soul (Dreamcatcher Series #2) by Jane Kirkpatrick, review (my Ladies' Book Club)

Believe it or Not by Tawna Fenske
A Light on the Veranda by Ciji Ware

Author Reviews:
Promise Me by Dee Julian

An Irish Rogue by Suzanne Barrett

[To be posted - I am setting these up for interview/feature days.
These were read and ready for reviews for Authors.
Quest for Magic by Jean Hart Stewart - Read; review to be posted with interview.
Seeing for the First Time (What You See is What You Get) and To See (What You See is What You Get) by Nicole Zoltack - Both Read; setting up author interview with reviews.]


  1. A mixed bunch of reads. The Ciji Ware book looks so good.

  2. It looks like you are going to have a great week. I am a huge fan of Amish fiction it is my 'guilty pleasure' genre (because it is so different from so much of what I read). I know they are predictable and sometimes sickly sweet but I seriously cannot get enough. I haven't read this one yet and am definitely addint it to my TBR list! ;) I hope you enjoy it!

    Here is my Monday post:

  3. Wonderful looking books! Enjoy the week! :)

  4. What a great list of books! Enjoy them and have a great week!

    My Monday post is here

  5. A lovely line-up of books as always. I've had a huge pile of review books and I really need to exercise some will power and say no so I can read more of what I want to read :)
    I'm looking forward to your review of A Light on the Verandah. Have a great week and happy reading!

  6. What a great week. Annette Blair's book is on my wish list.
    Have an awesome week! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Wow! Busy Busy, I'm going to be checking out some of these books for sure. Thanks for sharing :)

    My Wrapup

  8. Great reading week. Looking forward to your thoughts.

  9. Good luck with finishing your line edits! It's always a balancing act to finish the editing and read all of the books you want to read!

  10. An Irish Rogue seems like a good book to read around St. Patrick's Day. That looks like a lot of good reading!

  11. I really want to read Believe It Or Not! I follow Tawna's blog and think she is super funny.
    My It's Monday! Post :)

    - Kimberly @ Turning The Pages


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