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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Words of Encouragement August 14, 2011

Our Pastor is out recovering from hip surgery so our youth Pastor gave a message today. He pointed out that followers of Christ have to be careful not to lose their light in a world that is increasingly dark.  He shared the story of King Josiah to encourage us to stand firm and do right in our behavior.

Josiah was a king of Israel whose grandfather, Manasseh, did evil in the eyes of the Lord; even more evil than the pagans the Lord drove out of the land. See 2 Kings 21:1-9.  Manasseh reigned 55 years spreading his evil among the people. Then his son, Amon, came to the throne and he also did evil for the two years of his reign. Josiah was only a boy when he became king. As Josiah matured he began to repair the temple of the Lord. He discovered the lost book - the Word of God. He read the book, humbled himself, determined to follow the Word and dedicated himself to God. 2 Kings 22 and 23.

Although the light of the world had gone out of the people during the wicked reigns of the evil kings, Josiah chose to do right. No matter that his background was evil, he was able to choose to be obedient and he brought the Word of God to the people.

Like Josiah, God looks for a way to reach each of us hoping that we will be obedient and share the Word with others. We are called to serve obediently in whatever station we are placed. One life doing the right thing will still have impact on others even if it is not openly recognized.

Once again I was searching for one song but found this one that I had never heard but fits this message!!
It also goes with Abby's story in the review I posted this morning

A Verse for Today:
Romans 16:19 (ESV)

19For your obedience is known to all, so that I rejoice over you, but I want you to be wise as to what is good and innocent as to what is evil.

We prayed this morning for healing for our pastor and I prayed for others I know from internet friends who need healing.I also pray that I may be obedient to serve in my station.

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