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Thursday, July 14, 2011

MBS Blogoversary SPOTLIGHT #21 Author Karen Wiesner


Reluctant Hearts, Book 1 of the Wounded Warriors SeriesI first met Karen through reviewing her books for YGR. I have reviewed all of the Wounded Warrior books (a wonderful series!) and Karen and I had an Interview chat  series in May 2010. Karen writes beautifully emotional inspirational romance.

Karen has too many books for me to show them all. I have included some of the covers for the 1st books in different series, some available now and some coming soon.
I have just posted a review for Retired and on the Rocks (Denim Blues Mysteries, Book 1) which starts one of her newer series, the Denim Blues Mysteries. I note she has a new Cowboy Fever series coming later this year and next year.

I asked each author to answer two questions for their spotlight.
The first I asked and the second they provided.

Question #1:  Why do you write/what do you hope your readers get from your books?

A:  The premise of my Family Heirlooms Series is how nuggets of faith can be passed down as family heirlooms from parent to child, sibling to sibling, spouse to spouse. Members of the Samuels family are the main characters in each story. I love the reality of dealing with issues that married couples and families deal with on an everyday basis, mingled with the struggle that goes along with those issues in the Christian walk. I think the realistic quality of the material is what appeal to so many women—the situations are things that you can apply to your own life.

Question #2:  Please tell us about Glass Angels, Book 4 of the Family Heirlooms Series. What do you like best about Samantha, the heroine, and why do you think readers will relate to her?

A:  Samantha and Kyle’s story has been inside me for a very long time, and when it was finally done, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. They’ve both been through so much—in their personal lives and in their romance, so working them toward a happily ever after…especially after the traumatic incidents that closed Book 3 of the series, Foolish Games, was so satisfying for me.

Samantha has one of the worst things imaginable happen to her—she’s raped by the brother of the man she loves. But she’s a fighter. Though initially it’s a situation she can’t handle, when she and her friend open the Glass Angels rape clinic, she’s become a stronger person. Glass as a material is contradictory—hard enough to be a tool or a weapon yet utterly fragile. Samantha feels she is a glass angel: fragile, transparent, broken into sharp pieces that cut her with every memory. Even though Samantha had been shattered by what happened to her, she realizes that she can be stronger than she was before—stronger despite and because of what happened to her. Samantha has to deal with an issue that so many people struggle with—forgiving someone who doesn’t deserve forgiveness. I think it’s a powerful book that hopefully can change lives.

I think both of these things are so realistic of any human being. We all struggle with overcoming the hold traumatic events hold over us and learning to forgive for them.

Please visit Karen at her links below.
For extra credit you can comment at one of her blog links or email her to say "Hi" and "Thank you" for the support and giveaway.
First draft in 30 days
Falcons Bend and
Jewels of the Quill
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