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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MBS Blogoversary SPOTLIGHT #20 Author Pauline Baird Jones


The KeyPauline and I met online in late 2009.  Pauline asked me to review her Sci Fi Romance, The Key. Although Pauline sent me the print book, I ended up listening to it on Audible and loved the strong heroine and the sci fi space world. Pauline's books established me as a definite fan of sci fi romance.
Pauline defines her genre now as Sci Fi Romance. However if you check her website you will see that she also writes romantic suspensehumorous/mystery/suspense, and even nonfiction.
Do Wah Diddy DiePauline has been so kind to me considering I owe her three reviews. I have made positive comments on the books around the blog community but just didn't get the reviews written/posted. I am planning to do a day devoted to the reviews and hopefully an interview with Pauline soon. Watch for that next month when I review Steamrolled which I am excited to start once July books are read.
I did post the review this morning for her novella Steam Time and the other good stories in the anthology, Dreamspell Steampunk.

If you are curious about sci fi romance this is a great series to hook you in.

SteamrolledIn Order of Release:
(Project Universe 1) The Key
(Project Universe 2) Girl Gone Nova
(Project Universe 3) Tangled in Time
(Project Universe 4) Steamrolled
(Project Universe 5) Dreamspell Steampunk; Steam Time (short story)
Out of Time
I asked each author to answer two questions for their spotlight.
Girl Gone NovaThe first I asked and the second they provided.

Question #1:  Why do you write/what do you hope your readers get from your books?

A:  My third grade teacher used to read to after lunch (wise woman). I only remember one of the books she read to us. It was a story about a baby sitter who has to save her charges from a flash flood and then keep them all alive until they can be rescued. It had adventure, danger and a gentle romance. I loved it and checked it out from the library later to read again. It was the first of many books that gave me a thrill, a chill, the delight of first love. I'm a long, long, long way from third grade, and I've read a lot of books since then, but I still feel a shiver of anticipation, a flutter of hope when I open a book by a new-to-me author. And if the book delivers? I close it with a sigh of delight and little regret its over already.

As an author, that is what I hope to deliver to readers. I want my books to be a place to escape from the real world for a while. I hope to give them a thrill, a chill, a little romance and maybe a chuckle or two.
Tangled in Time
Question #2:  What made you decide to write science fiction romance?

A:  Every time I tell someone I write science fiction romance, somewhere out there my former science teachers wince--though they knew I was making up science before I did. I feel like I ought to post a warning in the front of my books: No real science was used in the writing of this book. So what happened, you ask? How does one make the move from writing romantic suspense to outer space?

My theory (notice how I slip science-like words in like I use them all the time?) is that what I really write, what I've always written is action adventure. I thought it was romantic suspense because it was contemporary. Then I wrote a book called OUT OF TIME. It is an action adventure time travel to World War II. I loved writing the action and I particularly loved writing an adventure in World War II. I "came out" as an action adventure author with that book.

Looking back, I think it is actually a rather natural progression to move my stories into space because there is so much scope for action AND adventure. To those who fear science as much as I do, let me assure you that any real science is accidental. My science IS as fictional as my stories, so no degree or science background required to read or enjoy my books. (grin)

And for those of you who just don't like space, I have a back list of humorous romantic suspense--and I never discount the possibility of a return to Earth. :-)

When I made the leap from reader to author, my main goal was to give back the delight I have felt.
The Lonesome Lawmen TrilogyPlease visit Pauline at her links below.
For extra credit you can comment at one of her social links or email her to say "Hi" and "Thank you" for the support and giveaway.
Website - Perilous Pauline

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