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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MBS Blogoversary SPOTLIGHT #19 Author Judy Nickles


I met Judy when I was fortunate to win her book A Showboat Affair through a Wild Rose Press blog giveaway.  (See my review here.) Judy writes Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, and Romantic Suspense.

The Showboat Affair

I asked each author to answer two questions for their spotlight.
The first I asked and the second they provided.

Question #1:  Why do you write/what do you hope your readers get from your books?
My books deal with real people living real life, which puts stumbling blocks in the way of the best of us. But I like to gift my characters with some inner strength, whether they just find it when needed or perhaps pull it from a long-forgotten experience. In The Showboat Affair, both Nick and Jean have been hurt deeply, though for very different reasons. Yet they have determined to go on with their lives, not beaten down but with heads held high. Together,they find they can face circumstances they never imagined and emerge into the sunshine of joy and a deep, committed love that will last a lifetime. 

Finding Papa's Shining StarA:  While I don't write Christian Romance per se, I do want readers to come away with a sense of hope and to understand the power of forgiveness, reconciliation, and moving on.

Question 2: Do you think a Christian message can come from a so-called secular story?

A:  Absolutely--and I always try to "slip" one in! The Christian fiction genre targets a specific audience--Christian readers--but they already have the message! I grew up reading Christian author Grace Livingston Hill, but I already understood what she was saying because of the way I'd been raised. I have read criticism of the Harry Potter series because it deals with so-called witchcraft. But looking beyond that fantasy, what do we find? The importance of love, of being faithful to one's beliefs, fighting evil where it exists, and the desire to create a world of goodness and giving.

In The Showboat Affair, the message I wanted to get across was the importance--the necessity even--of forgiveness and reconciliation (as we were reconciled to God through Jesus Christ) before one can move on with one's life and enjoy the blessing of love. I try to show my characters as people really are--never all good or all bad, prone to making mistakes. We are imperfect beings striving to better ourselves and the world around us.
Where Is Papa's Shining Star?Where Is Papa's Shining Star?

Please visit Judy at her links below.
For extra credit you can comment at one of her blog links or email her to say "Hi" and "Thank you" for the support and giveaway.
Blog: The Word Place
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Giveaway donated by Judy:
eBook Copy of The Showboat Affair. OPEN INTERNATIONAL.
I am giving away the copy which I won and reviewed. OPEN US and CANADA.

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