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Friday, December 24, 2010

Lots Of Winners!

I am posting numerous Giveaway winners in one post tonight to save me some time. These DO NOT include the Midwinter's Eve Winners nor the Friday Pick Winners.

Thank you to everyone who entered all the different giveaways! 
I would ask ALL WINNERS to please email your mailing address to

Here goes:
FIVE winners of Tempted by Fate (The Guardians of Destiny) by Kate Perry

Tempted by Fate (The Guardians of Destiny) 1. minhchieu tran
2. Just Peachy
3. Brooke Anna
4. Moonlight Gleam
5. Vicky CK

THREE winners of the fabulous Forever Romantic Holiday Giveaway
1.  Laura H
2.  Lisa M831
3.  Elaing8

The HeirTWO Winners of The Heir 
by Grace Burrowes
1. Cindy
2.  Chilty1014

TWO Winners Plus ONE for my copy of The Remains by Vincent Zandri

The Remains
1.  Lisa F
2.  Melanie
3.  (my copy) Jennifer

Duchess of Sin (Daughters of Erin)by laurel McKee
1. Kathy P
2.  Belle Decouverte
3.  tooncesmom
4.  emily l
5.  Lisa M

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