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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guest Post - Kate Perry, Author of Tempted by Fate

Give a big Thank you today to Kate Perry who shares a little bit about her writing with us today.

I’m snarky by nature, and some days I feel snarkier than others. Today is one of those days. So I’m tempted to say, hell no—I never incorporate my hobbies in my books.

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It’d be a lie. Any of you who hang out on know that I mix in all my interests into my books. In fact, the Guardians of Destiny series happened because I wanted to write fight scenes.

And it gets more specific than that. While I was working on MARKED BY PASSION, I was toying with knives. (It makes my friends nervous when I say things like that.) I remembered how much I love knife fights, so it was obvious I’d work in some scenes that involved knives in the book.

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I also love swords but, obviously, swords are harder to work into contemporary set books. However, in CHOSEN BY DESIRE, my hero has an affinity for metal. I jumped on the chance to give him a sword and write sword-fighting scenes.

TEMPTED BY FATE was more about setting. I love walking around San Francisco, and I was away and feeling nostalgic while I wrote it so I wove some of my favorite areas of the city into the story.

Other interests that may figure prominently in my stories: food, ice cream, wine, scotch, travel, and tango. Oh—and stay tuned for a romance that happens entirely on the golf course. Grin.
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