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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Book Review: Trajectory Book 1 (New Providence) by Robert M. Campbell #RRSciFiMonth

This is a character driven, engaging space mystery.
Trajectory Book 1 (New Providence)
by Robert M. Campbell

File Size: 445 KB
Print Length: 236 pages
Publication Date: November 29, 2015
Genre: Sci Fi
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

Four mining ships are making the slow return to Mars from operations in the asteroid belt. Back on the planet, a group of students discover a mysterious object in space in an impossible orbit. The crew of the Lighthouse space station are shocked by a devastating accident that throws their routine into chaos as they strive to get their ships safely home.

Cut off from Earth, the sub-surface Martian Colony of New Providence suddenly finds itself in peril from something hostile and unknown. Is it alien? Is it an AI from Old Earth? After five generations enduring the harsh conditions on Mars, will the 50,000 citizens of New Providence survive this new and terrifying threat?

The last remaining humans from earth have colonized Mars. As best they have been able to determine humans were destroyed by AI computers or machines that took control of all facilities on earth. Although the colonists have tablets for information and communication, sharing through an open web or internet is banned. Resources, including water, are scarce on Mars. They use a limited number of space ships to mine outer asteroids to bring desperately needed supplies.

Emma has a father captaining one ship and a boyfriend on another. She and her best friends, Tamra and Greg have discovered movement in space that they believe is suspicious. They report it to one of their professors who passes it on to the Commander of the space station that heads security for the colonists. The discovery is confirmed by the sudden, explosive disappearance of the closest of the four space ships that are returning to Mars. Emma is sent to the space station to help the staff figure out what is happening.

The remaining ships are aware of the explosion and they are warned that the foreign object is matching the trajectory of the next ship in line. The other captains try different tacks hoping to return safely to Mars. The story follows the struggles of the three young people, the station staff and the remaining space crews.

This is an engaging space mystery. The story is character driven with a detailed development of the primary characters and their living circumstances. I was interested in what would happen to the people. I also enjoyed the detail in the world and society created by Mr. Campbell. My only disappointment was that the story ends with a cliffhanger. It does not resolve the current conflict and dilemma. Still, I recommend this to sci fi and mystery readers with the forewarning that you will need book two.

This kicks off my reading for Sci Fi Month #RRSciFiMonth - even though I am more than ½ way through the month! ARGH. I received this as a free download at

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