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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Book Review and Giveaway: Sunshine by Janet Spaeth

This is a ‘sunny’ gem.
by Janet Spaeth
  • Mass Market Paperback: 176 pages
  • Publisher: Heartsong Presents (May 25, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 1616263377

Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0

Olivia has a crazy dream, and Hayden isn’t quite sure what to think of the adorable city slicker who shows up in answer to his ad to sell the now-defunct resort his family has owned for decades. Does she really think she can remodel—rebuild, really—the place by herself? And to what end? To reopen a tourist attraction in the middle of nowhere? Shouldn’t a realtor know the old adage “Location, location, location”?

But there’s more to life than surface events. And while Livvy sees the possibilities in her new property, Hayden sees them in her….

Olivia (Livvy) works for a successful real estate office in Boston. She finds a North Dakota newspaper on her car proclaiming the sale of Sunshine Resort. She has always wanted to travel and this paper finding its way to her must be a sign from God, right? She gives notice and heads out to North Dakota.

Hayden has been raised helping his grandfather run Sunshine Resort until two years ago when they finally hung a Closed sign. It seemed that no one wanted to relax and fish at a peaceful resort anymore but instead they headed to fast paced resort locations. Hayden knows that Gramps will be saddened to leave the place and move to town with Hayden but it isn’t safe to leave him on his own anymore.

Hayden and Gramps aren’t quite sure why Livvy has appeared and whether she is the right person to purchase Sunshine. But no one else is making offers and the more Gramps watches Hayden and Livvy together the more he is certain that this is right.

Does Livvy have what it takes to fullfill her dreams and bring new life to Sunshine? I encourage you to read this little gem yourself to find out how she fares in real estate and heart development.

These are gentle and lovely characters. It is charming out the circumstances develop and how Livvy’s faith blooms to come along side of Hayden’s steadfast faith. This only took a few hours to read and it made me smile. Someday when you need a sweet, quick and delightful read, I think you’ll find this fits the bill.

Some 'Gramps' wisdom:
     “God works in mysterious ways,” Gramps added. “... He’s given us a map, and we can stay on the road and enjoy the ultimate destination, or we can do like most of us do and meander all over the countryside, taking wrong turns and finding dead ends.” Page 23

     “Love is like the wedding silver. The good and the bad will both add to the gleam, compared to the sharp imitation-silver spoon that can’t bear scratches. It’s disposable, so we can get rid of it when we’re not pleased with it.”
     “...That’s love. From new-spoon shiny to old-spoon gleam, it’s all good.” page 115.
I 've had this on my TBR since July 2012.
I decided I would offer this book as giveaway too or as a choice.
This is a Giveaway to help me read from my vast Kindle TBR library. Here is how to enter this Giveaway:
In the comments give me a word that you would like me to find in a book title to read. For example the word could be "fun" or "midnight" or any (decent) word that strikes your fancy. It might be a word from a book title you yourself want to read and you can name the whole title (not required but you can) as well as the word.  I will pick a winner through
I will try to find a Kindle title from my +6000 Kindle ebooks that has the winner's word in it. If I have the specific title the winner names, I will read that title and gift the book to the winner if they don't already have it. If I don't have that specific title then I will try to find another title with the winner's word in it or a word as close as I can get. I will read the book I select.  I plan to try to pick books from prior to 2014 but I leave that option available just in case.
I will try to read the book each month and hold another giveaway with the review of the book I read.
For further example: If the winning word was "fun" I have a lot of children's titles with "fun" in them or I have
Pink Slipper: a Fun, Flirty Novel which I could read.
The ebook I read I will gift the same title to the winner, OR the winner can select to receive the print copy of Sunshine.
I hope this explanation isn't too confusing and I hope it is fun as I see what comes up from words you pick. :-)
* Open Worldwide
* Closes 5pm CST July 22, 2014.


  1. "Iron" as in "Iron Kissed" (Mercy Thompson bk3) by Patricia Briggs.
    I don't know if have many urban fantasy books or not in your Kindle pile.
    What a creative contest and way to choose the next book to read.


    (Such a fun idea thank you!!)

  3. Unique idea. I will pick September.


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