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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sharing Beyond Books #63 Comment Giveaway August 25, 2012

Welcome to another SBB!

Hello again on Saturday Night! I'm still scrambling to get everything done before we go. There is work left at the office (not too much); I have at least 8 posts to get the basics in to save internet time on the ship; I have to color my hair AND I still need to pack.  I have 32 hours less about 12 for sleeping so the next 20 are going to be a push! 

Thank you to all who shared last week.

Many of you do listen to the radio but most listen in their cars (or truck for Texas Book Lover). Many agreed that they listen to audio books in car or on mp3s.

I was pleasantly surprised that I am not the only one who doesn't want to read the Shades of Grey series. That one got the most "not interested" votes at 10. Twilight seemed like the next "not interested" in reading choice although Harry Potter was there too. Then Lord of The Rings and the Dragon Tatoo series. I have to admit that I found the Harry Potter series entertaining listening but I still have books 5-7 to finish. I loved the LOTR when I was in college...I read the Hobbit and other books by Tolkien too. I hope Abby does enjoy the 50 Shades of Grey as she reads it. :-)

The Winner from SBB #62 comments is: #7 wanda There are still 6 'love' books to pick from and 1 Christmas choice (I guess I'll have to add some titles to that list soon). wanda please choose a book (or GC if international) from the remaining Love Books List for Giveaway, remaining Christmas Giveaway Book, OR pick from the Updated ARC/Review List and let me know your choice, your address and a choice of bookmarks by completing the WINNER FORM.

WEEK #63 Questions

Q1. Faith Hope and Cherrytea asks: Do you read cookbook / recipe books? and if so, what are your fave categories? breadmaking, desserts, soups, salads, main course ... etc??
A: That is easy to answer for me. No. My DH is our cook and no one really lets me in the kitchen except to clean. So I'm not much into reading recipes. Although I think it is fun when a novel includes one and I sometimes try to get hubby to cook them. :-).
While trying to remember an author who has recipes at the end of their books I found this GREAT LIST:

Culinary Theme Mysteries: Cooking Mysteries.. A – D

Maybe I should try a young Foodie Primer?
Image found at Raising Foodies

Q2. To go with FHCT's Q1 I am pairing a question from nrlymrtl: How often in reading do you come across a food you are unfamiliar with and just have to give it a try in cooking it??
A:  Again, since I don't cook, I don't have a big draw for food. However, if I see a food or dish that is new and the book isn't specific I might look up the food.
While looking for images this picture caught my eye!
Image found at Heage Windmill

Thanks to those who are sending in Questions. DON'T BE SHY! Surely everyone has a Q or two you'd like to ask.  Input suggestions in this Suggested Question Form. At the end of each month I will draw from the suggestions I used the month before and that person will get a book choice or GC. I thank everyone for submitting questions but some of you others might want to get in a question or two as we have a few people submitting most of the questions so far.  Either way - it works for me. :-)  The question list is being replenished!  Thanks for sending in questions!  Thank you to our contributors for August: Margaret, Birgit, Marjorie, Faith Hope Cherrytea and nrlymrtl. choose 2 so Birgit gets a book choice.
Your turn to share:

1. Faith Hope and Cherrytea asks: Do you read cookbook / recipe books? and if so, what are your fave categories? breadmaking, desserts, soups, salads, main course ... etc??

2. A question from nrlymrtl: How often in reading do you come across a food you are unfamiliar with and just have to give it a try in cooking it??

SBB Comment Winners can choose a selection from the remaining  Valentine and "Love" books or the remaining Christmas Giveaway Books - there are still about 7 books available to choose from. Also I have added the Updated ARC/Review List now.

SBB Rules:

a) Must be a follower; 
b) Share a comment on any (or all) of the two/three questions above.
Open internationally and an international winner may get a smaller book or a $5.00 GC if I decide the mailing is too much.

I will pick a Comment winner from all comments made by Friday, August 31, 2012 at 10 PM central.


  1. 1- I don't usually read them, because I don't like to cook, but I bought two books, one to make Chicken, and the other one of desserts (yummy)
    2- Well, If the food is not something I know, I googled it. But I never try to do it, I'm so lazy when it comes to cook, lol. I just love to do desserts, that's weird, huh?

  2. 1. Actually I really like cookbooks, despite being rather useless in the kitchen, hahaha! If I cook I cook from scratch and so far no one's ever complained about my food (openly). The thing is I do enjoy cookbooks for the pretty pictures (can you say dessert?) and if the offer background information to read (about the history of certain meals, information of certain spices, etc) all the better.
    2. Not really. Seeing how I'm a vegetarian I rarely (if ever) come across yummy-sounding meals in books.

  3. 1: i don't read them because i can't follow them^^;. I like to cook but always in my way
    I love to bake cake ( all kind) and some others desserts but i can also cook a complete meal with several dish ( for ex for my mother birthday or when it was the marriage anniversary of my parents)
    Problem is: in the most case i would eat if i'm cooking if i'm baking cake i won't eat it ( i taste too often in preparation perhaps^^;;)

    2: i was tempeted 1 or twice to try a receipei saw in one of my book but i never did because the ingredients were not available in my country


  4. 1. Hubby is the cook in our house - I can't stand cooking so I don't read cook books. We joke if I could get rid of 1 room in the house it would be the kitchen.
    2. I don't look up unknown foods

  5. 1. I wouldn't say I read cookbooks (my mom will actually sit down with one and look at every recipe). I do flip through to find something I like, though. I prefer recipe magazines, but for cookbooks I like speedy meal types.
    2. I do love cozy mysteries involving food, but I cannot say I ever had to cook or bake something because I read about it - even if the book has recipes in the back.

  6. I love cook books so i do read them. I like reading the dessert recipes but I like cooking the main course.
    mamabunny13 at gmail dot com

  7. 1. I like baking so I tend to look for/at cake & other baking type recipes & books. They are fun to browse thru tho most tempting!
    (I'm an international reader)

  8. 1. I love cookbooks especially the yummy dessert ones!

    2. I do that once in a while if the picture looks appetizing and it's not too much of a hassle to make it!

  9. 1- i do not read cookbooks but i read recipes posted on blogs i like to bake cake and i am still trying to find a perfect recipe for an awesome cake... :)
    2- If it some thing new i'll goggle it and if i like the recipe i'll ask my mother to try it...

  10. 1. sometimes- desserts
    2. not that often

  11. I mainly go for the baking recipes. I like sweets. I will also look at chicken recipes. My son does the cooking but I do like to read the recipes.

    If it's a new food, I may google it to find out more about it and look for it in the store but I don't do new recipes because, like I said, my son does the cooking.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  12. 1. I haven't read a cookbook in a while. I do look up recipes on the net. I usually go to the Food Network or Martha Stewart.
    2. Not often, but if it sounds yummy, I'll look it up and attempt to make it.

  13. 1. I don't read cookbooks. I do look through them sometime though.
    2. I do that sometime, if it is easy to make me and my mom will try it out.

  14. If I could live my whole life without cooking I would. I only cook because I must. I may flip through a cookbook on occasion, but it's mostly just a pretense.

    I don't like unfamiliar food, so I doubt I would try something I read about.

  15. 1. If I receive a cookbook as a gift, then I tend to read it. But I usually look up recipes online. :)

    2. Sometimes I will try to prepare a new dish.

  16. 1. I never sit down and read through a cookbook but if there is a particular recipe I need I will pick one up and find it.

    2. I have never made a recipe found in a book I have read but I am VERY tempted to make some of them found in the Lucky Harbor series I just finished. All that talk of chocolate kept me very hungry for something chocolaty!

  17. 1. Not really. But I have a few. All I do is drool at them then put them back in the box. Usually baking and dessert ones.

    2. I don't cook too so can't say.

  18. I'm not really big on cooking or cookbooks. But I do like to look at desserts and wish for them sometimes.

    I don't think I've ever looked up a food or recipe that I found while reading a novel.

  19. To be honest, I don't read cookbooks, but that's because I don't know how to cook.

  20. I do sometimes read/browse through cookbooks. I am usually looking for something new to fix for dinner.

    If I come across an unfamiliar food item while reading, I don't usually want to cook it but I may look it up to see what it is.

    castings at mindspring dot com


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