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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Interview with R. E. Robinson, Jr., author of The Perses Effect

Today I welcome R.E. Robinson, Jr., author of The Perses Effect
Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts with us today.

Q1.  Did you always what to be a writer?
RER:  I loved to write even before my high school days. I don’t know why I didn’t pursue a career in writing earlier than now. If I could travel back in time I would tell the younger version of me to take college courses in writing and focus in that direction for a career.
Q2.  Did/does your family support your efforts in becoming a writer?
RER:  Most definitely, my wife has been a huge supporter of me taking a career move into doing something that I enjoy. I haven’t had one friend or family member say don’t do it or you’re wasting your time.
Q3.  Do your work career/hobbies/interests influence your writing?
RRE:  I get influences from all sorts of areas including TV, movies, other books and the news. I watch a lot of Discovery, TLC and other channels like those to gain ideas and knowledge. I have enjoyed gaming throughout my life all the way from role-playing and board games to video games. They have enhanced my already vivid imagination.
Q4.  Did you find anything "hands on" or unusual required when researching to write The Perses Effect?
When working on the battles I would have my friends play out the characters based on them and give me feedback and advice on what they would do in a certain situation. We would use miniatures and Hotwheels cars to flesh out the scenes. So I have them to thank because I couldn’t have written the final battle without their help.
Q5. Do you do anything especially helpful for your world building? (Notebook, Bulletin board, etc?)
RRE:  My friend who I based one of the main characters upon lives outside of Milledgeville, GA where I live. I used a courthouse plot map of his land with notes he gave me on what his ideal property would be like if the world were to break down tomorrow. Things like defenses, etc.
Q6.  Do your characters live with you or haunt your dreams as you write?
RRE:  Almost all of my main characters are based on family and friends so they do live near and with me but they don’t do any haunting thank goodness. At least not right now.
Q7.  Do you have any strange habits when you write?
RRE:  Not really, I just won’t be able to write until everybody has gone to bed and the house is quiet. I need full concentration to write just like I did back in college. My wife got me the Dragon speaking program to aid me but I haven’t even opened the box. The story builds in my head and I don’t think I could tell my computer how to write it down.
Q8.  What are some of the best tips you've received on writing?
RRE:  Early on I got advice that my first drafts looked more like a screenplay than a novel. So I made a few tweaks here and there but when there’s something going on that doesn’t need much description then I won’t pad the pages with unnecessary wording or over explain something. If it doesn’t need many words to describe then it doesn’t get many words to describe said thing.
Q9.  Which authors have influenced you most how?
RRE:  H.P. Lovecraft – In my opinion the father of modern horror. His sentence structure is amazing and the stories suck me in without having to be thousand page novels. J.R.R. Tolkien – In my opinion the father of modern fantasy. Everyone that reads his work can pull something different from it, something personal and relatable. Stan Lee – Is the grand daddy of the comic industry. He and his team made superheroes relatable. They had strengths but also weaknesses like the average person. I could go on and on but I won’t.
Q10. Which words (up to three) would you use to describe yourself and your personality?
RRE:  Quiet, easy-going, detail oriented.
Q11. Which words (up to three) would you use to describe Evan in The Perses Effect?
RRE:  Thoughtful, over-thinker, worrier.
Q12.  If you could have readers answer a question what would it be?
RRE:  You saved the toughest question for last Martha. I never really thought about asking readers a question before. Guess I’ll ask this. With children having been affected so adversely by the Perses virus, is there a cure?
Thank you again.
RRE:  Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to talk about my book. I really hate that my schedule changed and I was not able to be interviewed but I have to keep my night job until I become a well know author and can continue my passion full time.
Thank you.

The Perses Effect
By R.E. Robinson Jr


The world has been changed forever. Death and mutation have swept across the planet leaving some of the survivors altered into non-human races and gaining powers that would take time to comprehend. Always thinking ahead Evan Root invited family and friends to live on his farm shortly before the comet that started it all was destroyed.

As the remaining population rebuilds Evan Root and his wife Jordan are producing bio-fuel to use and trade. On a routine trip to the market murmurs of disappearing town’s people span the crowd. While at the market Evan’s group is ambushed and when he finally makes it back to the farm he finds out his wife has been abducted. Evan feels her abduction has everything to do with her power.

Hoping it will lead him to his wife Evan and his companions must discover who or what is behind the disappearances while defending themselves at every turn.


Ronald E. Robinson Jr. served in the US Army and has a criminal justice degree. He lives in Georgia with his family.

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