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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Q&A With Caridad Pineiro, Author of The Claimed

Please help me welcome Caridad Piñeiro
author of

Questions for Caridad:
Q1  What is a “Typical” day like for you?
CP:  I am an early riser and during the week I head to work on the train.  I usually write on the train during the commute and that gives me some solid time to write.  When I head home, I try to get in some exercise and lots of time with my family.  I don’t normally write at night because I’m too tired, but if a deadline calls, I will do so.  On the weekends, I sleep in a little later (until 6) and then get up and put in a few hours of writing.  Then it’s off to do household chores or maybe a nice long stroll along the boardwalk.
Q2  Claimed is part of the Sin Hunter Series. I am always curious about series books: did you have each book plotted out before you started the first one or did the subsequent books flow from the first book?
CP:  I had a very strong idea about the plots for the first two books.  I knew I was going to introduce the world and the Hunters in the first book and then really build on their powers and the mythology in the second.  Of course, I also knew what the romances would be like in both because for me it’s important to have a strong emotional arc for the characters.  As I was finishing up the second book, I knew which two characters would headline in the third and based on what had happened in the battles, created the storyline for books 3 and 4 – THE SHATTERED and THE HUNTED.
Q3  How do find your characters and personalities?  Is there any special inspiration?
CP:  They say writers are the only people where it’s okay to have someone talking to them in their heads!  My characters come to me very powerfully and scream for me to write their stories.  It’s also usually the female characters and because I want them to really have to work to have the happily-ever-after, I generally try to set up the worst possible guy and/or climax for them.  In THE CLAIMED, it can’t get any worse for Victoria than to fall in love with her mortal enemy and I knew it would be hard work for them to get together.
Q4  Which word would you use to describe yourself and your personality?
CP:  I am a Type AA.  I am very driven and determined, but also kind and friendly.  Basically shy which shocks a lot of people.  I’ve only learned to be more extroverted because of my day job and also because of the writing.  I’ve been lucky to meet so many fabulous people with the writing and I would have missed them if I hadn’t gotten over my shyness.
Q5  How do you handle it when some element of what you're writing decides that it just doesn't want to work the way you want it to?
CP:  It’s very frustrating to want something to work when it isn’t going the way you want.  But as Einstein said, lunacy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  So I guess what I’m saying is that if it’s not working, you need to step back and figure out a different way of approaching it, otherwise you will continue to be frustrated.  When that happens to me, I’ll take a long walk or a shower.  Both help me clear my brain and think about what I might be doing wrong in a scene and how to get it to work better.

Questions for Victoria:
Q6  Which word would you use to describe yourself and your personality? 
Victoria: I’m determined to help my people do better, but I’m also lonely because of the weight of leadership.  I’d love to find a partner that could help me carry that burden.

Q7  What is something you would never be caught dead doing/saying?
Victoria:  “I can’t….”  There is nothing that I can’t do because I will work hard at accomplishing what I want for myself and my people.

Q8  Do you have any pet peeves? 
Victoria:  People who pollute the environment or litter.  We all share the world and leave it for our children, so we should respect it and care for it.

Q9  What do you do for fun when you aren’t helping your family, friends or managing your business? 
Victoria:  I love to do all kinds of water sports like kayaking, surfing and swimming.  My natural affinity is for the water, so I love to spend as much time as I can in it.

Q10  What is the one thing your reader’s would be surprised to know about you?
Victoria:  That I wish I was more human.  Having the powers that I have brings great responsibility and that can be tiring if you don’t have someone by your side.

Final Question:
Q11  If you could have readers finish a sentence what would it be?
 If I could shapeshift, I’d love to become a ……

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  1. Just stopping by to say hello. Great interview!! If you have not read Caridad'd SIN HUNTERS series yet, you are definitely missing out on an original and incredible series!!
    Please do not enter me in contest, I already have the book.
    Cara Gallway
    Book Monster Reviews

  2. 1. Answer the author's Question in red at Q11. This is required for entry.
    If I could shapeshift, I’d love to become a ……
    Leopard, I love their sleek look!

    2. For another entry: Make a meaningful comment on the interview or review (previous post).
    I have read Caridad's books and enjoyed them, a good reason to read this one.

    3. For two extra entries: Visit the author's website and tell me something of interest you find there.
    The videos she makes for her releases.

    dsadler53 at yahoo dot ca

  3. I would become a jaguar. I just came to the interview to support Caridad. Already linked to her website, fb, and tweeter.

  4. If I could shapeshift, I’d love to become a ……Dragon! To have that size and power to be able to fly anywhere I wanted would be fantastic!! And, my Dragon would be Onyx and Sapphire.

    Caridad is new to me and I hope to read her books this summer. I have both on my Wish List.

    What I find most interesting about Caridad is that she writes books in different genres, something for everyone! And the fact that she has written so many!!

    Guys, I just joined and followed all you stuff, lol. It was easier. :)

    Thank you, both, for the interview and giveaway.


  5. I would be a wolf shifter.... you know how many how werewolves are out there? Yummmmmm LOL

    LOved the interview and Caridad left out loveable and sweet in her own description. I have gotten to meet her twice at RT's and hope that it isn't another two years in between.

    Caridad likes to leave pretty pictures on her site.... did I say Yummmmmmm already!

    Following the blog hockeyvampiress

  6. If I could shapeshift, I would love to be an eagle...always wanted to be able to fly and look at everything from above, in every sense.

  7. If Caridad can hear the powerful voices of her characters talking to her in her head and screaming for their story to be written, then she is doing a helluva good job as a writer! I know about her since Noctural Whispers which I loved and wished was developed in a full-length good.
    The most interesting thing on Caridad's webpage? Her Cook's Treats!!! Awesome recipes there...she must be a very good cook.

  8. I can't wait to read this series! It sounds amazing and I love Caridad's writing style.

    (I'm not entering the giveaway)

    1. I would love to be a snow leopard. They are so sleek and graceful.
      Best wishes with the new book!
      Please enter me in the contest!!

  9. Decisions! Decisions! There are really only two or three animals that I would love to shapechange into it. It is a threeway tie between dragon (red because I was born in the year of the fire dragon), horse, or crow/raven. Okay the crow/raven because of the celtic Goddess Morrigan!

    The Claimed was an awesome book! Cannot wait for the next book. Anticipating Sammie's book.

  10. 1. I'd shift to become a werewolf.

    2. I enjoyed the interview. The book sounds good. That's good advice about anything that's frustrating.

    3. I find it interesting and great that a portion of the royalties for sales of The Claimed will be donated to charity.

    4. I follow via email.


  11. comment went missing....let's try this

    1. Shapeshift-DRAGON

    2. I believe the cover artist for claimed is Craig White-and it is always amazing what the author reveals about their life . Nice to know everyone is human (unless you are a shapeshifter)

    3. Liked on FB....woot!!!

  12. 1. If I could shapeshift, I’d love to become a tiger... no a dragon, um a cat? It depends on my mood. Probably cat.

    2. I have not read the Sin Hunters books yet, but I have really enjoyed your other books including the Chicas stories!

    3.I have never heard of SOS Aloha, but it sounds terrific! I just love that you are so proactive. I also signed up for your newsletter / contest...

    4. I like you on facebook -

    5. Asked you to friend at GoodReads -

  13. Oops - I should also leave my email... lavendersbluegreen(at)yahoo(dot)com

  14. If I could shape shift, I'd like to be a wolf. To be able to run and have a keener sense of smell, and hearing. I think wolves are beautiful creatures.
    gfc: Julianne
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  15. I would like to be a wolf or cat.

  16. I've been curious to read a book by Caridad.
    +1 - If I could shapeshift, I’d love to become a …… Eagle
    +1 - commented on the review
    +2 - I've seen the authors name before, but I didn't realize she had so many books!
    +1 - Twitter follower
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  17. I'd like be a shapeshifting leopard.
    The book looks really good. Her site has a really neat background and I didn't know that she also wrote women's fiction too. Thought she was just a paranormal writer.

  18. tiger

    commented on review

    a portion of the royalties for sales of THE CLAIMED will be donated to HOPE FOR THE WARRIORS, an organization that seeks to enhance the quality of life for U.S. service members and their families who have been adversely affected by injuries or death in the line of duty.

    old follower- GFC

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  19. 1. I would like to shift into some kind of cat. Maybe a lioness
    or a panther. :)
    2. Great suggestions on things to do when you get blocked as a
    writer. Victoria sounds like an awesome heroine, strong and
    determined. Love both interviews.
    3. I love her photo gallery, especially the Philadelphia
    Flower Show 2012. They are beautiful!
    4. I am already a follower - email, GFC and FB. :)

  20. I love the cover of this book.

    +1 I would love to be able to shapeshift into either a wolf or dragon.
    +1 I totally agree with the pet peeve thing, I absolutely hate for people to litter and it kills me to think of all the garbage that's in this world.
    +2 I loved reading about all the books synopsis. The site was very easy to navigate and I loved being able to easily read all the extras for the books.
    +1 I'm already a gfc follower



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