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Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? June 4, 2012

This meme starts at Book Journey!

What Are You Reading, is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week. It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

I had a surprisingly good week, finishing five books and getting well into three more. I posted three book reviews, two with Giveaways, a Giveaway Hop, and some announcement posts.  I also posted the regular Friday Pick Giveaway, Saturday Sharing Beyond Books Comment Giveaway and Sunday Words. 

I visited a good twenty plus blogs last week for What are you reading and Mailbox Monday. Thanks as always to the nice people who visited me.

These were last week's posts plus Winner post not listed.
  • Book Review with ARC Giveaway: Under Fire by Catherine Mann; Romantic Suspense; my rating 4.25. Ends June 8.
  • Audio Book Review: Phantom Universe by Laura Kreitzer; Sci Fi, Dystopia, YA; my rating 4.5.
  • Book Review and Giveaway: Henny on the Couch by Rebecca Land Soodak; Women's Fiction;  my rating 4.0.
Finished Reading:

1. Print/Kindle

by Catherine Mann
Good romantic suspense! Review and ARC Giveaway linked above. 

2. Print

by Rebecca Land Soodak

Interesting. Review and Giveaway linked above.


by Karen Wiesner
A very warm read. Review to be posted this week.

4. Kindle (Free Read 2009)
by Merline Lovelace
This a favorite author and a book 
I picked up on Free Kindle some time ago.
I'll do a review later this week.

Book Description
Publication Date: October 1, 2007
Escape from hell?

To hell was more like it! When Mallory Dawes, suddenly infamous in the States, decided to take that vacation to France, her problems were just beginning: a lost passport. A car swept out to sea. Missing travelers' checks. And a mysterious, if intriguing, man who always seemed to turn up just when she was in trouble...

Cutter Smith--code name: Slash--was told to keep the beautiful blonde in his sights. But as his interest in her veered from the professional to the intensely personal, Cutter knew the cost of falling in love would be high indeed. And he would have to pay the price...
--This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

5. Kindle (NetGalley)
by Sparkle Abbey
This is a fun 'tail'. Reading for BelleBridge through NetGalley. I've started Get Fluffy as these came together. I hope to post review later this week.
Product Description
When Caro Lamont, former psychologist turned pet therapist makes a house call to help Kevin Blackstone with his two misbehaving German Shepherd dogs, she expects frantic dogs, she expects a frantic dog owner, she even expects frantic neighbors. What she doesn’t expect is that two hours later the police will find Kevin dead, his dogs impounded; and that as the last person to see Kevin alive (well, except for the killer) she is suddenly a person of interest, at least according to Homicide Detective Judd Malone. Sparkle Abbey is the pseudonym of two mystery authors (Mary Lee Woods and Anita Carter). They are friends and neighbors as well as co-writers of the Pampered Pets Mystery Series. The pen name was created by combining the names of their rescue pets - Sparkle (Mary Lee’s cat) and Abbey (Anita’s dog). They reside in central Iowa, but if they could write anywhere, you would find them on the beach with their laptops and depending on the time of day either an iced tea or a margarita.)

Line Edits/Releases: Waiting on covers to release a couple of titles.

Currently reading:
1. Audio CD

J.A. Jance (Author)
Karen Ziemba (Reader)
We just listened to this in the car
as we drove to our Port destination.
We have only a few minutes to finish.
I hope to do a short review later this week.
Book Description
Publication Date: January 9, 2007 | Series: Ali Reynolds Mysteries

J.A. Jance's new series, begun in the New York Times bestseller Edge of Evil, continues with a powerhouse tale of suspense.

The highway from Los Angeles to the Palm Springs desert is parched, unforgiving, and deadly. In the suffocating stillness of a car trunk, a man -- his mouth and hands bound with tape -- awaits his fate. What possible enemy could be bitter enough to commit such a heinous crime? And when will the monster make another move?
Ali Reynolds is traveling that same blistering, lonesome highway, looking forward to putting her past behind her. But her cheating husband is in a hurry for a divorce, and the television network who wrongfully dismissed Ali for the sole sin of being over forty will face her in court as well. So Ali must return to the scene of these crimes. As she passes the site of a horrifying accident, she thanks goodness it's no longer her job to report the news. Until she finds out the news is her own. . . . For the victim is Ali's cheating husband, and soon she'll find herself the prime suspect at the center of a terrifying web of evil.

A twisted and lethal drama of heart-pounding suspense, Web of Evil asks the question: If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, just what punishment could that fury unleash?

 2. ebook/Kindle

by Diana Kemp and Gabriella Bradley  
This is short and I will be posting a review sometime on Tuesday (may be effected by internet on the ship.) Reading for review as part of Pump Up Your Book Tour.
Product Description
Blending elements of futuristic, fantasy, science fiction and the paranormal, the Samsara Chronicles explores the duality of good and evil set against two worlds, Earth and Nirvana.

Guided by mystical beings, a human mother bears a daughter of alien royalty, Aislinn, destined to champion the future of two worlds.

3. Audio

Wired Kingdom
 I am enjoying this thriller.
Reviewing for Variance LLC through AudioJukebox.
Publisher's Summary
When a blue whale tagged with a web-cam designed with stolen defense technology broadcasts a brutal murder at sea as part of a television nature program, Special Agent Tara Shores finds herself navigating an ocean of manipulation and deceit. It's a deadly race to reach the 100-ton creature roaming the Pacific before an unknown killer can destroy the digital evidence it carries. As Shores dives deeper into the case, what she initially dismisses as a publicity stunt for the glitzy reality series soon sweeps her out to sea in a riptide of greed, intrigue, and high-tech crime. 

4. Kindle

by Sparkle Abbey
This is book 2 of a set and these are easy reads.
Reviewing through Netgalley.
Product Description
“A mystery worth barking about.” – Linda O. Johnson, author of THE MORE THE TERRIER, Berkley Prime Crime Disgraced Texas beauty queen, Melinda (Mel) Langston, owns Laguna Beach’s Bow Wow Boutique. Mona Michaels, Mel’s most despised client, owns a star dog, Fluffy, who's worth millions. When Mona is found whacked in the head with Fluffy’s Daytime Emmy, everyone wants Fluffy. And someone won't stop at murder to get the pooch. Secrets. Blackmail. Mel tackles the case like a dog with a bone. But can she dig up the truth before the killer buries her? I stumbled through the doorway into a mini-palace fit for a movie star. Fluffy’s palace. A white sheepskin rug in front of her personal fireplace, a king-sized sleigh bed and a dressing screen (why a dog needed a dressing screen was beyond me). Fresh, filtered water dripped into her Wedgewood doggie bowl.The room looked like it had been ransacked.Mona was sprawled on the floor as if posing for a men’s magazine. It was almost picture-perfect, except for the blood matting her five-hundred-dollar haircut and the gold statue stuck in her head. I hesitantly moved closer. Fluffy nuzzled Mona’s cheek. When she didn’t move, Fluffy pawed her shoulder, still whining. “I don’t think she’s getting up, girl,” I said softly.Mona was deader than a stuffed poodle. Sparkle Abbey is the writing team of Anita Carter and Mary Lee Woods. Visit the authors at

5.  Print

The Claimed (Sin Hunters)
by Caridad Piñeiro
I am not quite a third into this and enjoying it.
Interview and review to post on June 12.
Book Description
Publication Date: May 1, 2012 | Series: Sin Hunters (Book 2)

Victoria Johnson loves her life. She's her own boss in a quaint beachside town, and has great friends who keep her grounded. If only they knew who she really is: an heiress to an ancient race who possesses astonishing superhuman powers. It's Victoria's duty to restore her clan of Light Hunters to their former glory by choosing the perfect mate. In Christopher Sombrosa, she just may have found him. Strong, smart, and successful, Christopher exudes a powerful energy. Their connection is sensual, irresistible-and forbidden.

A member of the Shadow Hunter clan, Christopher has defied his own father to lead his people away from affliction and violence. Yet he cannot ignore his duty to carry on his ancient bloodline. Stunningly beautiful and brimming with an erotic life force, Victoria is everything Christopher ever hoped for in a mate . . . but as a Light Hunter, she's his mortal enemy. Together, they could unite their warring tribes. But murderous factions on both sides don't want peace-and they'll stop at nothing to keep light and darkness apart forever . . .

I am again listening to The Listener's Bible NIV read by Max McLean. 
[Reading and listening on my new MP3.]
Instead of studying with the Tyndall One Year Bible this year I am studying with Through the Bible in One Year by Alan B. Stringfellow. It is a Study that I used for teaching back in around 1989 so I will enjoy it again. This week's reading is Hosea, Joel and Amos.

Line Edits: Working on finishing a format; making final adjusts on book conversions to upload to Kindle/Smashwords.

I am really looking forward to my June reading.  I have at least 15 books I plan to read and review.With a few extras it will be a busy month posting reviews. :-)

Scheduled for June:
6/1 My Favorite Reads Giveaway Hop
6/5 Eos by Diana Kemp and Gabriella Bradley- Review for Pump Up Your Book
6/12 Claimed - Interview and Review - Review for Pump Up Your Book
6/13 Nadir by Diana Kemp and Gabriella Bradley - Review for Pump Up Your Book
6/14 77 Days in September by Ray Gorham - Review for Bewitching Book Blog Tour
6/14 Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop
6/19 Kidnapped by Maria Hammarblad - Interview and Review for Bewitching Blog Tour
6/20 Covenant by Diana Kemp and Gabriella Bradley - Review for Pump Up Your Book
6/28 Itineras by Diana Kemp and Gabriella Bradley - Review for Pump Up Your Book
6/30 Flabbergasted: A Novel by Ray Blackston - Ladies' Book Club  

June but Unscheduled: 
The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine by Jayne Fresina
Just Say Yes by Phillipa Ashley (NetGalley)

Other NetGalley Review choices:
Get Fluffy by Sparkle Abbey, BelleBridge Books
Deadly Dance by Dee Davis
Code Name Verity by Elizabeth E. Wein

Wired Kingdom

Grand Central Station
Lethal Rider by Larissa Ione

I also hope to read a couple of Won books this month too.

[To be posted - I am setting these up for interview/feature days.
These were read and ready for reviews for Authors.
Quest for Magic by Jean Hart Stewart - Read; review to be posted with interview.
Seeing for the First Time (What You See is What You Get) and To See (What You See is What You Get) by Nicole Zoltack - Both Read; setting up author interview with reviews.]


  1. Hope you have another great week of reading! :)

  2. You had a great week!!!!
    I have Desperate Housedogs waiting for me but not Get Fluffy. Will have to pick that up!!

    Happy Reading!!


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