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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Audiobook Review: Crescent Lake by David Sakmyster

This is a good audio of a tale of suspense and horror.

Crescent Lake - Unabridged Audiobook
$34.95 $12.99
Save: 63% off
Crescent Lake
By David Sakmyster
Unabridged narration by Corey Snow 9 hours 50 minutes
Genre: Horror, Thriller
My Rating:  4.25 of 5.0

Unabridged narration by Corey Snow 9 hours 50 minutes

What if your darkest sins materialized, seeking your annihilation? And what if your only salvation was to accept the touch of forgiveness from someone who could then claim your soul? This is the terrifying power Reverend Zachary Bright has over the townspeople of Silver Springs, Washington.
In CRESCENT LAKE, Nick Murphy, a mob informant trying to atone for his crimes–and his role in a tragic accident that killed his wife and daughter–is placed into a witness-relocation program and sent to a small, scenic town believed to be the perfect hideout. But from his first day in Silver Springs, he finds himself in a different kind of life-and-death struggle, one where his past sins have come back to haunt him. He and FBI agent Audrey Harper are quickly caught up in supernatural events and bizarre miracles, and must contend with a town besieged by religious fanaticism – and an enemy that can raise the dead.
And while a ruthless mob assassin closes in on Nick’s location, Reverend Bright plans to expand his dark ministry across the country. Nick and Audrey must overcome their own dredged-up sins, and then rally the few residents that have somehow resisted the Reverend’s influence. They will make a last stand against the whole town; but first, they must confront what rests at the bottom of the nearby lake–the source of the Reverend’s unholy power.

Review: Nick Murphy was slowly drawn into the world of mob power and wrong doers through his Aunt, Senator West.  When he decides to “exit” he agrees to work with the FBI to tape conversations that will bring the organization down.  Those to fall will include Irish mob lord, O’Neal, and his main lynch man, Lloyd, who are very wicked men to cross. Nick is sweating the meeting knowing that after gaining the condemning evidence, he has to go into witness protection if they have any hope of keeping him alive to testify at the ultimate court proceedings.

Nick is sent to a hidden house outside a little known community North of Seattle called Crescent Lake. Nick is alone but haunted by memories of the accident that killed his wife on the way to the hospital to give birth to their child.  There is only one man in the main FBI office who, with his local contact, knows where he is hidden.

Nick soon learns that there are strange things going on in the community where the people are committed to the local charismatic Reverend Zachery.  A town’s mysterious librarian, Grant, is one of the few who is considered outcast for failing to attend services. Grant sneaks a meeting with Nick to give him some obscure warnings. He explains that a small child is thought to be possessed because she fell into the lake near Nick’s house and after almost an hour she was pulled out alive.

The reader learns that the lake has filled those who have had contact with strange creatures and strange and dangerous powers. Nick and his FBI handler, Audrey, slowly begin to grow closer as they struggle to remain hidden from Lloyd who is pursing them leaving death and mayhem behind him. Meanwhile they are also trying to survive the horrifying, accusatory and drowning nightmares of the guiltiest moments from their pasts.

The story starts out with suspense and tension that shifts to a horror story that builds to a climatic battle with Lloyd the assassin joining forces with the twisted evil of the Reverend. Can Nick and Audrey survive the forces of evil that are taking control around them? What is the government secret behind the dangers and powers of Crescent Lake?

The narrator did a very good job with the emotional suspense and a descent job of different voices to distinguish the characters.  This was an easy and enjoyable listening experience. I would be glad to read more by this author and hear more from this narrator.

I received this book from Crossroad Press through the Review Program at Audiobook Jukebox.

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