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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Audible Review: The Ghosts of Ragged-Ass Gulch by Bill Pronzini

A quick intriguing mystery.

Genre:  Mystery
My Rating: 4.0
Ravaged by time and abandoned by the people who once flocked there in search of golden nuggets, Ragged-Ass Gulch is a ghost town. What’s left is a small, proud, and close pack of people who aren’t looking for change. But change seems to be afoot as several mysterious fires plague the town. That’s where the Nameless Detective comes in….

Review: This is a Private Eye investigation that reminded me a little of the old time radio mystery stories.

The Nameless Detective from San Francisco is set to go on vacation with his main squeeze, Cari. At the last minute he gets a call to investigate the murder of an executive of the Monroe Corporation. The company  is seeking to redevelop the ghost town of Cooperville, originally known as Ragged Ass Gulch. There were four buildings burned out in the town and the arson is similar to the “M.O.” of the fire that killed the murder victim.
The Detective reluctantly takes Cari along to the town while he tries to interrogate the town population of 16 people who clearly do not want the new development.  The people seem decidedly antagonistic to any inquiry from someone on behalf of the Monroe Corporation. But Cari turns out to be a natural in befriending the neighbors and eliciting unexpected clues.  The Detective is attacked as he gets closer to uncovering the culprit. Can he survive a confrontation with the gathered town people?

This was a very quick and fun audio listen. This makes me interested in reading more books by this author.

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