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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Help Me Pick a Read from "Won Books" Comment- Giveaway

As I have mentioned before I have set my own challenge to read some of the books I have won. I hope to prepare a button if only I could get time!
I am already committed to read the first two books in the next two months so they are NOT PART of the Pick group but just a heads up on upcoming reviews. :o)

For the ten "pick books" I have noted the genre as I believe it to be; the Ratings from Amazon and I have added a comment for each book.

Illuminations of the Heart (Historical Romance Novels)
Illuminations of the Heart (Historical Romance Novels)by Joyce DiPastena
Historical Romance -Medieval
4.75 Rated
A Sweetest Romance Author.
I read Joyce's Loyalty's Web and really liked it (5.0 review).
I look forward to reading this one and will be hosting a review,
author interview and giveaway.

Riddle of Berlin
Riddle of Berlinby Cym Lowell
International Thriller
4.0 Rated
I have had this on my TBR pile too long
and am anxious to enjoy it.

THESE ARE THE HELP ME PICK SELECTIONS - In no particular order but numbered for ease of commenting.  Now these are only a very few of the books I have won. I have chosen mostly from older wins rather than newer. However if anyone wants to search my Monday mailbox posts to add a choice from there that is permissible. 

1. Forget Me Not: A Novel                             2.  Love Engineered
 Vicki Hinze                                                     Jenna Dawlish   
Romantic Suspense/Christian                         Historical Rom 1855
4.0 Rated                                                            3.5 Rated      
I have enjoyed this author                              I am interested in the
and was glad to win this.                                  premise of this book.
Love EngineeredForget Me Not: A Novel

3. A Fiery Secret                                                    4.  Alpha Redemption
Diane Craver                                                                 P.A. Bates
Romantic Suspense                                                     Christian SciFi/ AI
4.75 Rated                                                                   4.75 Rated
The heroine is an investigative                          Christian story with a
journalist. My undergrad work                           sentient computer.
was journalism.                                                     Sounds interesting.

Alpha RedemptionA Fiery Secret

5. Journey To Forgiveness                                    6.  Heroes Die Young
Laurean Brooks                                                           T.M. Hunter
Inspirational Romance/Depression Era             Sci Fi Adventure
4.75 Rated                                                                   4.75 Rated
A Sweetest Romance Authors                 Space Pirates - should be fun.
Heroes Die YoungJourney To Forgiveness

7. The Canticle Kingdom                                                 8.   Missing
YA/Fantasy Romance                                          Suspense/Mystery
5.0 Rated                                                               5.0 Rated
"A world of magic, danger, loyalty."                   Christian Mystery.
The Canticle Kingdom

 9.  My Very Special Agent (The Special Agent Series)
by  Betty Ann Harris                                     10.  Snake Dance                 
Romantic Suspense                                            by Angelica Hart and Zi
Not Rated                                                            Fantasy
A Sweet to Sensual Author                              Not available at Amazon
My Very Special Agent (The Special Agent Series)                        

Here's how this Giveaway works:

Make a comment picking the THREE books you want me to read next. I will read the book that gets the most votes, then probably (no guarantee) the next two books with the second most votes.  (I reserve the right to pick the second and third reads dependent entirely on my mood. LOL.)

I will do a random draw to select TWO commenters.
US or Canadian winner will get their choice of a book from the Christmas Giveaway Books, the February Love Books for Giveaway OR from the Updated review and ARC lists.

International winner will get $6.00 Gift Card, PayPal or Book Depository selection.

This giveaway ends April 22, 2011 at 10pm Central as I don't expect to have time to start anything before then.

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