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Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's Monday! What are you Reading May 31, 2010?

This meme starts at One Person's Journey Through A World of Books!

I had another busy work week.  I 'm sorry I didn't get to visit back everyone that visited me. I hope to do that this week.

Reading was good.


Alex Cross's TRIAL 

PB: Alex Cross's Trial by James Patterson and Richard Dilallo.  RATING 5.0
Great story woven with fascinating history! See the review and giveaway. You will want to read this!   

KindleDragonborne by Chandra Ryan   
A good quick read!  Review to be sent to Romance Junkies.
Product Description
DragonborneFor her people, she-d sacrifice anything. For her, he-ll sacrifice everything.When the children of her village start dying of a mysterious plague, Sophie refuses to believe it-s the will of their deity. As the town cleric, she-s always followed the church-s strict rules, but enough is enough. She vows to do anything to find a cure-even if it means defying the church.
The giant black dragon she finds injured and poisoned near the abbey seems beyond her ability to heal. Until he suddenly shifts into a dangerously handsome man who, even in his weakened state, is a temptation beyond her ability to resist.
Reuel has never trusted humans, but this delicate young woman entrances him with more than her beauty. Her bravery, devotion and passion call to his wounded heart, and he's moved to lend his magic to her cause. Magic that is not only powerful, it's all too tempting to abuse-something his family has never let him forget.
Sophie is hopeful when Reuel solves the secret of the plague, until one healing uncovers a sickness that runs far deeper than the children's vulnerable bodies. Now she is being persecuted, and to save her, Reuel may have to become the monster his family believes him to be-
Warning: Contains a stubbornly sexy cleric who-d rather have her hands tied to a headboard than exhibit any self-control, a shape-shifting dragon who-s too busy running from himself to see where he-s going, an epic dragon battle, and sex in the great outdoors.
The Heart of a Warrior by Margaret West. Review to be sent to RJR.
This is an enjoyable story showing  Navajo traditions and reservation difficulties.The Heart of A Warrior
Product Description
A tale of two very different cultures colliding. Can love really conquer all?
When Belinda arrives fresh from England, at her father’s store on the edge of a Navajo reservation, she is faced with not only the news her father is ill in hospital, but the store is being run by Jez Lansdowne, a man she hates and distrusts. Until she can find out why Jez is suddenly her father’s new partner, Belinda is forced to live in Chief Yuma’s storage hut, next to the store.
Yuma is annoyed the fiery English woman is living on his land, as the Res is soon closing to outsiders. They clash, but a deeper emotion grows into a love that makes Yuma question his culture and traditions.
 Audio: Not finished.

Line Edits: None finished.

Currently reading:

PB: Damage Control by Amy J. Fetzer
Good suspense with lots of action! 2/3rds complete.  Reading and reviewing for Romance Junkies.
Product Description
Damage ControlTwo Against The World
Explosives expert Sebastian Fontenot has patience in spades-whether he's deactivating bombs or gritting out three days beneath a pile of rubble. But when the hard-bodied operative learns his oldest friend is in trouble, he flies into action-and ends up on the Artic Circle, where a sexy scientist holds clues that threaten his mission-and her life-.
Olivia Corrigan can handle men. But Sebastian Fontenot is like no other she's encountered: hot as hell and in danger of thinking he can order her around with that delicious drawl of his. Lucky for her, the mesmerizing mercenary is on her side. And it's a good thing, too. Once they stumble onto a horrifying international cover up, it's up to Olivia and Sebastian to keep their hands off each other just long enough to keep a dangerous power from falling into the wrong hands-.

PB & KindleMichal: A Novel (The Wives of King David)by Jill Eileen Smith.
I am 50% into this wonderful story.
I am reading this for my Book Club  meeting June 5.
Michal: A NovelProduct Description
As the daughter of King Saul, Michal lives a life of privilege--but one that is haunted by her father's unpredictable moods and by competition from her beautiful older sister. When Michal falls for young David, the harpist who plays to calm her father, she has no idea what romance, adventures, and heartache await her. As readers enter the colorful and unpredictable worlds of King Saul and King David, they will be swept up in this exciting and romantic story. Against the backdrop of opulent palace life, raging war, and desert escapes, Jill Eileen Smith takes her readers on an emotional roller-coaster ride as Michal deals with love, loss, and personal transformation as one of the wives of David. A sweeping tale of passion and drama, readers will love this amazing story.

Black Hills: A NovelAudio CDBlack Hills by Dan Simmons   
These 18 disc audios take a while to get through. Lots of history here in addition to the demise of the free Sioux nation. There is history of the building of Mt. Rushmore, the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago; building of the NY Brooklyn Bridge. Lots of details!.  On disc 13. Reviewing for YGR.
Line Edits: Continuing line edits on Fourth Son by Joy Brooks.

I am still working on writing more reviews but I seem to be making slow progress!

Upcoming books:

PB: Knight of Passion (All the King's Men)by Margarent Mallory. BLOG TOUR POST for June 9.

Kindle: none in queue.

Audio: The 9th Judgment (The Women's Murder Club) - Review and Hachette Giveaway in June.

Audible:  Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder.  This is on hold for June for 6 blog tours/book club events plus four Hachette giveaways! Then July will be busy for Blogoversary celebration!

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