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Friday, April 22, 2022

No Friday Pick This Week and Status Update

Hello all -

Just a quick [it expanded as I wrote] update on my home front. My hubby is back in hospital with continuing issues. As of a month ago he had under 30% lung capacity then his last X-ray showed that part all blocked too. They treated him for pneumonia but there will be no restoration of the rest of the lung damage. (The result of chemical damage from his work years ago.)  His condition is aggravated by heart concerns as he had open heart surgery a few years ago and has a pacemaker. He is also being treated for type 2 diabetes. Both of these contribute to the fluid retention.

The medications left his legs and arms swollen which is uncomfortable and painful. Because I am at work, no one is home with him and he was struggling just to get from bedroom to bathroom. The walker I got for him helped but he still has little strength to pull himself up and now he fears falling. No way could he go downstairs to the kitchen so I was going home at lunch to make sure he would eat something. He is frustrated and feeling like a burden on top of having to struggle to get his breath and move around. :-(  I have more empathy now for caregivers.

They put him back in hospital to try to get the excess fluids out of his body. The treating physicians have agreed he will get some therapy to keep him mobile and he will likely be discharged next week to rehab instead of coming straight home. If rehab is not helpful, we will move on to home health (Hospice) care. He is 79 (birthday 7/4/42) and part of him is ready to go be with Jesus. The other part doesn't want to leave me alone. He has been working hard the last year to pay off our mortgage and build up a nest egg as I will lose half of our household income when he dies. These are all usual end of life dilemmas.

Between caring for him and taking him to doctor's offices I am falling more behind on office work. Add to that our internet service at home stopped working a week ago so the blogging I do at night can't be done.That makes me sad and frustrated... more stressers. :-)

Sooo -- please pray for my hubby, me and our family. And please be patient regarding blog items. I'll get here when I can fit time in. 

 Meanwhile I hope everyone is enjoying spring (or autumn if applicable) and some good books!


  1. Keeping your husband in my thoughts and hoping everything is alright.

  2. Sending prayers your way!

  3. you are in our thoughts and please don't stress about not being able to blog taking care of someone is taxing, exhausting and at the same moments to cherish so please take care of you too

  4. Praying for you and your husband. Take care of yourself also.

  5. you've got a lot on your plate - take care of yourself, else you won't be at your best to take care of others

  6. You are in our thoughts. Please do take care and stay strong.

  7. Take care first and foremost. Use a computer chair instead of a walker. That's what I did for my dad when he wasn't fully mobile, gout issues.

    Thoughts and prayers are with you both .


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