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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Book Review: Guardian of Paradise by W.E. Lawrence

This story is full of action and romance in a beautiful, exotic setting.
by W.E. Lawrence
File Size: 909 KB
Print Length: 384 pages
Publication Date: October 15, 2014
Genre: Action Adventure, Historical
My Rating: 4.0 of 5.0

In 1888, Kira Wall, surviving daughter of missionaries swept away in a tsunami, lives a primitive, but enjoyable life with natives on an isolated island in the South Pacific. But her serene world is turned upside down when an Australian merchant ship, commanded by the sinister Captain Darcy Coleman, arrives with an overabundance of modern and lavish goods. Kira suspects ill intent. Chief Ariki refuses to listen to Kira’s warning, forcing her to uncover the real plan of the captain on her own. Unfortunately, she has a distraction. A six-foot tall, blond, and handsome distraction. Trevor Marshall, doctor and botanist, hopes to find exotic plants on the island to research new cures and medicines. He is dedicated to science, but when meeting the strong-willed, beautiful Kira Wall, he’d prefer to spend time researching her—all night.

The captain thwarts Kira’s attempts to call him out at every step, turning the village chief against her. With only Trevor and her best friend Malana by her side, she stalks the captain and his officers through the dense, predator infested jungle, toward the island’s inactive volcano. Frustrated by her failure to reveal the captain’s true intentions, Kira begins to think maybe she’s wrong about everything. Then an explosion and earthquake bigger than anyone on the island has ever seen renews her resolve. Was the blast natural or man-made? She is determined to prove it was the captain’s doing. Kira races against time and the island people’s naivety to stop the captain from destroying her home and killing everyone she loves.

Kira grew up to become part of her island tribe after her missionary parents died. She has more caution about the merchant ship sailors who come to the island than the simple island people. This particular ship’s captain is a smooth talker and has brought modern fabrics and equipment to trade in exchange for harvesting some of the bountiful crops on the island. Chief Ariki is willing to trade with Captain Coleman and pushes aside Kira’s warnings.

One of the men from the ship is handsome doctor and botanist, Trevor Marshall. He is awed by the health of the people and the rich quality of the crops. He is also fascinated by the beautiful young woman, Kira. They become friends while she shows him special plants on the island.

Kira discovers Captain Coleman and his officers digging up river and she is more convinced they are up to no good. An unfamiliar blast could be a natural earthquake caused by their volcano but Kira suspects it is man-made. The shake has caused injury to the chief's son who is also husband of Kira's best friend, Malana. Kira’s angry accusations, with no proof, get her banished from the village until the visitors are gone.

Matters turn more dangerous when Kira and Malana discover the real goal of the Captain. Kira is a strong, clever woman who is willing to face the dangers. But how can one woman ward off the evil men before they destroy her island and injure her naïve people?

I liked Kira’s strong character although she is repeatedly impulsive. This of course creates opening for the action and conflict. Trevor is known as a lady’s man so Kira was clearly out of her depth with him. Other than that trait, Trevor is cheerful, likable and honorable. He has a true heart to help people fight disease and he is willing to help Kira if she will let him.

This is the second book I have read by W.E. Lawrence. They are stand-alone stories but have  similarities. The young, innocent women get caught up in a very sensual situation with the men who ultimately help ‘save the day’ from danger. I emphasis help, as the women have a strong part in the action against the evil forces. I find the sensuality just close to too strong for my preference although the scenes are really more tastefully intense than graphic.

I enjoyed the historical setting and the nuggets about the primitive, simple life-style. Initially I didn’t understand how Malana could be away from her children so much without her absence being notice but later it is noted that the children are in their teens. The action keeps the story moving at a good pace and makes it an enjoyable adventure romance. I recommend it to readers looking for a quick moving romance with adventure.

I received this title for an honest review. This is "G" in my Alphabet Soup Challenge.


  1. Good review. This book reminds me of books that I read when I was younger, I will be adding this title to my list to get. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it.

  2. This sounds interesting, and I like the setting. Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts!


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