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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Audio Book Review: Betrayal in Death: In Death, Book 12 Written by: J. D. Robb

Another great mystery in this entertaining series.
Written by: J. D. Robb
Narrated by: Susan Ericksen

Length: 12 hrs and 8 mins
Series: In Death, Book 12
Release Date:05-20-08
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Genre: Crime Thriller
My Rating: 4.75 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
At the luxurious Roarke Palace Hotel, a maid walks into suite 4602 for the nightly turndown - and steps into her worst nightmare. A killer leaves her dead, strangled by a thin silver wire. He's Sly Yost, a virtuoso of music and murder. A hit man for the elite. Lieutenant Eve Dallas knows him well. But in this twisted case, knowing the killer doesn't help solve the crime. Because there's someone else involved. Someone with a more personal motive. And Eve must face a terrifying possibility - that the real target may, in fact, be her husband Roarke.
Crack another case with Eve Dallas.
©2007 J. D. Robb; (P)2007 Brilliance Audio

Eve’s gorgeous husband, (hunky Irishman) Roarke, is hosting, at his premier hotel, a prestige auction for a mature movie star selling her memorabilia. The actress and her handsome son are working to make the event a big success to raise funds to fund a foundation to help young actors. .

Roarke and Eve are at a pre-auction preview when Eve is called to a murder of a maid in one of the suites. Although the maid is no one of great importance the killer’s signature is well known. The very brutal killing, ending in humiliation and stragulation by silver wire, is a recognizable MO of an assassin who has been slipping by authorities, including the FBI, for years. Now the killer has stepped into Eve’s territory and made it personal by killing someone associated with Roarke.

The FBI who try to muscle in on the case are not readily cooperative. The female agent has some sensibilities but the male shows outspoken dislike for Roarke and distain for Eve. His arrogance is clearly going to get in the way of the investigation.

An old childhood mate of Roarke’s, Mick, shows up for a surprise visit. He admits he is a rogue and a thief but he would never hurt Roarke and although he loves a good brawl, killing is not his thing.

Eve and her team dive in with their usual meticulous attention to detail and a little added internet help from Roarke. After a second murder Eve and Roarke know that it won’t be enough to find the hit man. They must determine who paid the fees to kills innocents associated with Roarke. Eve is able to track the assassin within a week but the FBI insist on making, and flubbing, the bust. Now Eve and Roarke must search his history to determine the next victim before the killer can strike again.

Eve and Roarke have to balance their singularly independent and protective-of-each other natures. Peabody and McNab have to cope with their increasing intimacy while trying to maintain their professional duties. There is tension, suspense and emotion that keep the reader/listener on edge.

I have to give a big “Thank You” and kudos to J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts). She does a great job keeping the relationships among these characters interesting while provided an entertaining mystery with each story. I have now finished book 12 and she is on number 40! I am glad there is lots of entertainment still to come. There is some bad language in this series, which, fortunately, flows by quickly. The murders tend to be fairly graphic as the forensics and details play an important part in each story. The total package is worthwhile entertainment for avid mystery fans.

Audio Notes: Susan Ericksen does an excellent job with the character voices and personalities. She has this series down to a fine art and I am very quickly engrossed when I begin each new audiobook. I can highly recommend this series in audio as the narration enhances the character relationships and the suspense of the mystery.

This audiobook is a choice from my own Audible Library. It qualifies for my 2015 Audiobook Challenge, TBR Dare, Winter COYER, “B” in Alphabet Soup, and Continuing a Series in Full House Challenge.


  1. I haven't read and of Nora Roberts' JD Robb books but this sounds good. Glad you liked the narrator.

  2. I Love this series! Started reading it last year - I just finished #37.

  3. I love reading Nora Roberts books but I have never read any of her J.D. Robb books. I'm going to give these a try since I'm back to reading mysteries.


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