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Friday, November 22, 2013

Audio Book Review: Five Million Dollar Cat by Laura Lond

This is a delightful, fun, fast listen with a good twist.
Five Million Dollar Cat: A Novella

    by Laura Lond
    Narrated by Tavia Gilbert

    LENGTH    1 hr and 52 mins
    RELEASE DATE    06-22-12
    PUBLISHER    Laura Lond
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
My Rating: 4.5 of 5.0

Publisher's Summary
When Amy's sleazy ex reemerges, she is wary, for two good reasons. One, she is still paying off the debts Jack had gotten her in. Two, his scheme, as usual, smacks of fraud. Jack, however, insists that everything is perfectly legal, safe, and easy, especially Amy's part. All she needs to do to earn her share, which would be a quarter million dollars, is - adopt a cat.
©2012 Laura Lond (P)2012 Laura Lond

Amy is a kind young woman who has already been duped by her ex-boyfriend, Jack. She thought she was finally free of him, after he ran up her credit cards and used up all her savings in sure-fire but bad investments. Amy is busy working two jobs trying to get back on her feet when she gets an unwelcome call from Jack. He proposes that she help him by adopting a cat in the hopes of receiving a secret five million dollar reward of which she will get to keep $255,000.00.

Amy is reluctant but then decides that at least she would care for a cat and it would get a good home. Besides, perhaps it won’t be such a bad thing and won’t really hurt anyone. Amy goes to the pet-adoption agency and falls in love with the cats. She decides that one terribly injured cat is the one that must come with a reward. She takes home that sweet cat but no call comes in with a reward. Meanwhile, having lost one part time job, she spends time volunteering at the shelter and helping with the other cats.

When Jack begins to threaten harm to her cat, her apartment and all she owns, she decides to make a change in course. Will she have to hide from Jack or will she be able to protect her loved ones and manage to work herself out of debt?

I read a fantasy by this author which I also enjoyed. I was pleased that this book flows well and is entertaining even if in a different fashion than the other.  This quick story is delightful for cat lovers and has a wonderful, surprising twist. I recommend it to those who love a quick little intrigue.

Audio Notes: Tavia Gilbert does a very good job making this an easy, natural sounding presentation. She is able to convey the emotions of concern and care from Amy and bullying from Jack. I think this would be a fun story to read but it also makes for a great, quick listen.

I received this download for review through Audiobook Jukebox.

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