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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Free eBook: Amazing Mothers from The Amazing People Club

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a free eBook from The Amazing People Club!!!

Amazing Mothers [short version].jpg Amazing Mothers
{Note: this text has is from material provided to me from The Amazing People Club representative and I have done slight editing to present it here.]

MAY – MOTHERS DAY – Amazing People Club is offering a FREE short story eBook titled Amazing Mothers and features the life stories of Lillian Gilbreth (USA) and Susannah Holmes (Australia).  Two founding mothers in their own right, who were Amazing Mothers and led inspirational lives.

The books and audios in our series bring readers ‘face to face’ with many of the world’s most inspiring and influential characters from the fields of art, science, music, politics, medicine and business and many more. All the stories in the series are revealed through our unique and patented BioView® format; a newly-developed concept in storytelling that combines biography with virtual interview. The lives of amazing people can be explored through their achievements, challenges and experiences in a very personal way. The unique format and flow enables each person’s story to come alive, as if it is being personally told to you, reflecting their interests, emotions and passions. Our mission is to provide stories that will inspire, educate and entertain.

The Amazing People Club – who are we?
We are an international digitally-based publishing company distributed by The Hachette Book Group (HBG) - a leading trade publisher based in New York.
Our team is international and our structure is based on a co-venture model, where we link with organizations that have strengths in areas complementary to our own.  Dr. Charles Margerison created the Amazing People Club in 2006. His vision was  to create a new way of learning about people who have changed our world and inspired others with their achievements. He has a wide experience in publishing and is the co-founder of Team Management Systems and Emerald, the world’s leading publisher of management journals.

Educational and entertaining, The Amazing People Club® makes the lives of a huge range of amazing people accessible like never before.  We believe that one of the greatest strengths of the Collection is its range and diversity. Our audience consists of people who are determined to make the best of their time and are interested in learning about many people that made their mark. 

Whatever your profession or interest, within our library, there are stories that will speak to everyone in some way. The unique BioView® format makes the stories accessible and engaging, whether you are sixteen or sixty. You can gain a clear overview of our series at .

See this You Tube clip to hear a sample of our Louis Armstrong, Elizabeth Arden & The Amazing People of Sydney (featuring Susannah Holmes) eStories, truly engaging!: – Amazing People of Sydney (Susannah Holmes)

The Amazing People series encompasses a huge range of subject areas including:-
·         women
·         history
·         career development
·         art & literature
·         medicine & health
·         social science
·         psychology
·         science
·         invention & engineering
·         business & entrepreneurship
·         travel
·         relationships & love
·         music
·         politics
·         travel
In these tough economic times, people also want uplifting stories and interesting talking points. Each BioView® is a story of inspiration and triumph – they are stories that will encourage the reader to look at their own life and be inspired by the possibilities through the life stories of fascinating characters.

Women.jpgThe Amazing Women Series
The Amazing Women series from the Amazing People Club offers inspiration and a new way to celebrate women around the world.”  Today, more and more women become doctors, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, financial advisers, and take on other roles outside the home.  This, of course, has certainly not always been the case.  The women in our ‘Club’ were trailblazers.  Their stories are a source of inspiration and are revealed through our BioView format.  Each story is a biography – a virtual interview – reflecting the life story of an amazing person.   It offers an interesting and easy way to learn from those who have made major contributions to our world.  Discover how these amazing women lived, loved and worked in their own distinct ways.  We can learn key lessons from each one of them.  In particular, their achievements were a result of their determination to continue on, regardless of how difficult the journey.  They believed in what they had to offer, and used their time well.  Here is a snippet from one of them:-
Florence Nightingale
From the age of 17, I knew my destiny lay with many men
I said ‘no’ to the proposals of marriage that I received
I felt strongly that my role in life was to help others
Beyond my education in Latin, Greek, German, French and Italian
My first name came from the city of Florence in Italy
That is where I was born
My parents came from a well endowed English family
In 1837, “God spoke to me and called me to his service”
They were disappointed and upset when I chose to be a nurse.
© Dr Charles J Margerison - The Amazing People Club®

The Series in general
There are three main ranges in the series:
1. Innovator BioViews Series  celebrates the lives of talented people. They changed our world for the better through their contributions in science, medicine, engineering, aviation, business and other areas.
2. The City BioViews Series highlights amazing people who contributed to the development and growth of the cities, such as New York, London, Paris, Rome, Sydney and Los Angeles and reveals history from a unique perspective
3. The International BioViews Series reflects the success of the heroes and heroines of a country or nation. The series includes titles on Amazing Americans, Australians, Italians, French, Germans and British individuals.


If you want a copy of Amazing Mothers Ebook, leave a comment with an email address and I will send a pdf copy.
Open to everyone!
Closes May 11, 10pm Central.

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