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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book Review and eBook Giveaway: God Wars: Living With Angels by Rob Tobin

This story presents a different view of angels, demons and humans.
God Wars: Living With Angels by Rob Tobin
God Wars: Living With Angels
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 337 KB
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Echelon Press (February 25, 2011)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
  • Language: English
     Genre:  Urban Fantasy
     My Rating:  4.0

Product Description
Sixteen-year-old old gymnast, Diana Jalinowski, had it all, including a shot at the Olympics, thanks to her talent, dedication, and a strange “other” power that allowed her to do things others couldn’t. Then a deranged hoodlum drove Diana off the road and into a wheelchair, killing her family in the process.

Years later, as a paraplegic law student, Diana meets Professor Lessage, an odd, brooding man who talks her into doing a paper on the legal ramifications of the Salem Witch trials. Suddenly Diana’s life takes another sharp turn, right into witchcraft, a demon she can’t resist, an angel she can’t trust, 3-foot tall aliens she can’t defeat, and the chance to get even with all the bad people out there… unless of course she destroys the world in the process.

Diana has justice in her hands, and she’s really, really pissed off.

Review:  This story has a wonderful message of forgiveness and love wrapped up in a horror tale of battle between good and evil to save the world.

Diana had a special power even as a young teen. She used that power to strike out in anger and humiliate a bully who wanted to pick on the young challenged children she helped.  Unfortunately the bully struck back with a vengeance. He drove her family off the road, killing her parents and paralyzing Diana from the waist down. Diana manages to become a law student and to seek ways to help victims of abuse but she continues to struggle with her own anger and bitterness.  Sometimes Diana still strikes out in anger and violence and she meets Doctor Sean Dominico as a therapist to help her cope with her anger. Dominico is professional, gorgeous and kind.  Diana fantasizes about him but believes he would never be interested in a cripple like her.

Diana is assigned a research paper on Salem Witch Trials by intense Professor, John Lessage. While researching, Diana finds a resource book written by Doctor Dominico. Diana also memorizes volumes of spells and finds she can use her power while invoking the Latin incantations.  Diana is suddenly attacked by a monster and Doctor Dominico comes to help her.  She doesn’t realize that each time she fights out in anger and violence there is a greater responsive violence that bounces right back at her.  Dominico tries to explain the phenomenon to her but she is slow to understand. Diana wants revenge against her parents' murderer but her actions open the way for greater demons as her bitterness and anger fuel the evil monster who is soon growing gigantic and wiping out cities.

Ultimately Dominico reveals that he is an angel living on earth to try to help humanity by fighting the demon monsters.  As he and Diana join forces a third, alien, presence makes an uneasy alliance with the demon and the already horrific battle intensifies.

The story gets a bit far fetched bringing to mind first Godzilla type attacks and then space ship battles with the only defenses coming from the lightning mind powers of Diana and Dominico, with a few other angels who help once or twice. There is plenty of action and evasive maneuvering to allow the heroic team to recoup and romance a little. This gives Dominico time to explain an interesting history of the earth, angels and demons.  He also tries to convince Diana that she cannot win with hate and violence, which only hurt and diminish her own soul, but she must find a way to give forgiveness and love.

There is some raw (foul) language and gore of battle. The story, even in its weirdness, kept my attention. The author expresses a unique creation theory. I enjoyed the message of forgiveness even though it is presented in a very strange, but engaging, story.  I can recommend this as an unusual read.
I was provided this book to read by the author through Bewitching Blog Tours to read and review.

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