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Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Monday! What are you Reading February 14, 2011?

This meme starts at One Person's Journey Through A World of Books!

What Are You Reading, is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week. It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

Yay for another good reading week with a variety of enjoyable reads! I finished  three review books. I posted an Author Interview, three reviews, two with Giveaways; a Follower Love Giveaway Hop, a Galley Giveaway, the Enquiring meme post and my Sunday post.

I replied to a few posts again last week and I visited a bit. Still not as much as I would like. 
These were last week's posts plus Winner posts not listed.
Finished Reading:

To Tempt A Rake (Circle of Sin)
To Tempt A Rake (Circle of Sin) by Cara Elliott. 
Review and Hachette Giveaway linked above.

The Righteous 
Kindle: The Righteous
by Michael Wallace.  
Very good!! Review linked above.

A New Birth of Freedom: The Visitor 
Print: A New Birth of Freedom: The Visitor 
by Robert G. Pielke
Review and Giveaway of Review Copy on 2/15. Quite remarkable!

Audio: ------------------

Line Edits/Releases:
Love From the Ashes by Patricia Andres and ΕΞΙΣ gods, ghosts and battered cellphones by Anne Abad are ready to release... just giving the Valentine week to Cupid Gone Wild Anthology.

Currently reading:

Print:  The Big Show Stopper (A Pinky and the Bear mystery) by Ken Dalton.
I am 35% into this one. It seems to be moving fast. The review and review copy giveaway will post on 2/17.
Product Description
The Big Show Stopper (A Pinky and the Bear mystery)The Big Show Stopper opens in a packed concert arena with everyone waiting for the entrance of Brady Blackstone, the richest, and premier concert performer in America. But before Brady sets his foot on the stage, a tragic accident takes his life in front of Bear and a devastated Flo. However, it does not take Bear and Flo very long to question if the death was it an accident or murder?
Once again, in the pursuit of a pile of money and a little justice, Pinky travels to an exotic site while Bear and Flo end up in one of the least desirable locations in California.
The Big Show Stopper brings back Pinky, Bear, Flo, along with a gaggle of quirky characters. A beer swilling wacko. A naked old fart. A couple of downright dangerous folks. And concludes on a dark night with the dynamic trio spread eagle counting down the final seconds of their lives.

by Marie Force
I just stared this and I think it will be a fun read.
This is from Sourcebooks for review, Giveaway
and Author Interview on February 23.
Everyone Loves a Hero: ...and that's the problemProduct Description
Fame has its perks...
Reluctantly famous, First Officer Cole Langston finds being in the spotlight has its advantages-until he meets Olivia. Having women throw themselves at him everywhere he goes becomes a serious problem when he's trying to convince her she's the one...
And its price...
Olivia has trouble trusting a guy like Cole, and everywhere she turns she sees reasons to run. But he's the only man who's ever seemed to understand her as an artist and as a woman...
Cole is working overtime to prove to Olivia that he's serious, but her deep seated mistrust and his entourage of unwelcomed fans may be more than they can overcome...
Audio: The Collectors by David Baldacci.  Llehn picked this for her audio win so I will listen to it and send it on.  I am near the end of disc 3 of 5. I will finish it this week during my drive.
The CollectorsPeople are dropping dead in Washington, D.C. First the Speaker of the House falls victim to a hit man in a carefully orchestrated murder in front of dozens of the city's power elite. Next, the director of the Library of Congress's Rare Books Room dies in a book vault, but no one knows how. Caleb Shaw, Camel Club member, nearly falls victim, too. Across the country, a gifted con woman assembles an A-list team to pull off one of the most audacious scams ever, against one of the most dangerous men in the world. When the worlds of Washington and the elite con collide head-on, the Camel Club finds itself teamed with a person they don't really trust but whose skill helps them unravel a secret that threatens to bring America to its knees.
Audible: The audible I am listening to is The Listener's Bible NIV read by Max McLean. He is a wonderful reader. I am at Exodus 12.

Line Edits: Working to finalize and format Soylent Red by Jamieson Wolf. Also doing final edits on Desperate Measures by Cindy Comer.

February 2011 Books Coming Up

All Print books
Finished Reading for 2/15 A New Birth of Freedom: The Visitor by Robert G. Pielke. Reviewing for blog tour.
Reading now for 2/17 The Big Show Stopper (A Pinky and the Bear mystery) by Ken Dalton.  Reviewing for blog tour.
Reading now for 2/23 Everyone Loves a Hero: ...and that's the problem by Marie Force. Author Interview and Review with Giveaway to be posted for Sourcebooks Casablanca.

Remaining Review books for February - waiting for the Help me Pick Next Book results!
The Werewolf Upstairs by Ashlyn Chase
My Love, My Enemy by Jan Speas
Moonstruck Madness by Laurie McBain
House Divided by Raul Ramos Y Sanchez
13, rue Thérèse: A Novel  Elena Maudi Shapiro

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