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Thursday, February 3, 2011

February "Love" Books for Giveaways!

1/19/12 Update  -- There are only four books still available on this list - I have left spaces around the titles so they are easier to spot. I hope to pull a few more Love or Valentine appropriate titles and put up a new post in the next two weeks so do check back. :-)
Sorry for the confusion.
THESE ARE BOOKS THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE AND LINKED FOR GIVEAWAYS DURING FEBRUARY - like the Valentine Treat Giveaway or upcoming Sharing Beyond Books (formerly Enquiring Mind) Comment Giveaways.  Thank you for the comments. ALL Comments are greatly appreciated and feel free to comment here that you like the choices (I hope you like) but there will not be a drawing from these comments. :-)

In honor of Valentines I have put together two sets of Love, Valentine or Cupid books for some giveaways this month.  I will link this to the applicable Giveaways so you will know when you can pick from these books. 

GROUP 1 - Books for Giveaway - No waiting.
I thought I had grouped these as anthologies and single titles but apparently not. Maybe I will go back and do that when I bring my camera in.

She Loves Me Not by Wendy Corsi Staub
Love's Encore by Sandra Brown
Duel Love by Barbara Youree (Historical Romance set in Italy)
My Enemy, My Love by Elaine Coffman

**Come Home To Love (Harlequin Signature Select) by Joan Hohl

His Forever Love (Love Inspired) by Missy Tippens
Love a Dark Rider by Shirlee Busbee

A Regency Valentine - Anthology with Mary Balogh and others
Valentine Bachelors Anthology with Elise Title and others

**Hearts of Gold Anthology with Kay Hooper and others (this is a 1994 book; the top of spine is ragged and the pages are yellowed by age.)

A few more that didn't get in the picture:
Outlaw Love Anthology with Brenda Joyce and others(some spine creasing)
A Valentine Waltz Anthology with Jo Ann Ferguson and others (A marker across cover but otherwise in nice condition)
Let It Be Love by Victoria Alexander

**Another Time, Another Love (Romance Ser.) by Anne Beaumont

**For Love of Zach (Hill Creek, Texas Series #1) (Love Inspired #76) by Cheryl Wolverton
The Love Knot by Rebecca Brandewyne

GROUP 2 - These are books that I won over the past year or two. If you pick one of these I will read the book within 30 days and then pass it on to you. This has a duel purpose:
  1. One of my goals this year is to read books that I have won.
  2. I will get to pass on lovely books that would otherwise languor (or worse, collect dust) on my shelves.

True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson
Love Engineered by Jenna Dawlish
Love, Unexpectedly by Susan Fox
Love at First Flight by Marie Force
Loves Me, Loves Me Knot  by Heidi Betts

Two more to add to this "wait" list: - Ignore the wait I will most likely not get to this so it is open.
**Cupid the Amorous Arrow by J. M. Jeffries

Stupid Cupid-Misguided and Right On Target Anthology with Rayka Mennen and others

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