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Monday, September 13, 2010

Join the fun at BBAW 2010

Today starts BBAW 2010 and guess what?  I'm not ready. SIGH. Being out of town and not at the computer for ten days has me behind and chances are I won't catch up. Then having this event fall the same week as Blogmania and right after Blogfest creates a lot going on in one week.

There are postings to do every day but it looks like that is not going to happen for me again this year. I was going to participate in the interview swap but I haven't had contact with my interview partner.

Anyway...There are lots of fun activities to check out at the main site and plenty of Giveaways for the event. eTreasures is sponsoring some giveaways so check the listings for that too.
I will host at least one BBAW giveaway here at MBS this week too even if I don't do the daily blog topics.

So Happy BBAW 2010 everyone!

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