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Saturday, August 1, 2009

My July Reading List

Martha's Reading July 2009 Books 95-108
Ratings 1-5

MBS (Martha’s Bookshelf) reviews posted at:

YGR (You Gotta Read Reviews) reviews posted at:

BTL (Between the Lines Reviews - WRDF) reviews posted at: (put title in quick search)

95. Stella by Colin Galbraith (eBook short) Thriller 3.75 YGR
96. No Greater Love by K. Bruce Justice (eBook short) Paranormal 3.75 YGR
97. Embrace the Night by Karen Chance (Cassandra Palmer # 3) (Audible) Paranormal 4.0
98. Never Seduce A Scoundrel by Sabrina Jeffries (Heiresses Book #1) Historical Romance 4.0 YGR
99. Children of the Mist by Hywela Lynn (eBook) SciFi 4.5 YGR
100. Dancing in Time by Violet Rightmire (eBook) Paranormal -Time Travel 4.5 YGR
101. Don’t Bargain with the Devil by Sabrina Jeffries (Heiresses Book #5) Historical Romance 5.0 YGR
102. March Upcountry by David Weber and John Ringo (Audible) Sci Fi 4.25
103. Eternally His by Carol North (eBook) Paranormal – Ghost 4.5 YGR
104. Blind Fortune by Joanna Waugh Historical Romance 4.75 MBS
105. The Outlaw Demon Wails by Kim Harrison (The Hallows #6) (Audible) Paranormal 4.0
106. Night Waves by Wendy Davy (eBook) Inspirational Romantic Suspense 4.5 YGR
107. Waiting for An Eclipse Book 2 of Wounded Warriors Series by Karen Wiesner (eBook) Contemporary Romance 4.75 YGR
108. Spinning Forward by Terri Dulong (ARC) Women’s Fiction 5 soon to be posted at YGR

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