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Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Bookshelves + Boxes!!

Well - good ol' J. Kaye asked us to take pictures of our book shelves! So here you go!

My Avatar is my main bookcase built by my very sweet DH!! (He had motive 'cause the boxes were weighing down our closest shelves!!)
These are my FAVORITE authors in alphabetical order... authors like (some but not all) Mary Balogh, Jill Barnett, Jo Beverly, Connie Brockway, Stella Cameron, Candace Camp, Liz Carlyle, Elaine Coffman, Catherine Coulter, Claire Delacroix, Jude Deveraux, Christina Dodd, Jane Feather, Julie Garwood, Jo Goodman, Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries, Iris Johansen, Lisa Kleypas, Laura Kinsale, Britina Krahn, Lynn Kurland, Stephanie Laurens, Edith Layton, Merline Lovelace, Cathy Maxwell, Linda Lael Miller, Julia Quinn, Patricia Rice, Jodi Thomas, Susan Wiggs, Gayle Wilson and others!

The next shelf is in our spare room - where the grandkids, neices and nephews have a brio wood train set to play with and a table in the corner for coloring, both of which I managed not to get in the picture!!

Top box is books I've won from authors and want to read and review.
Top Shelf left - books I bought at RWA in Orlando and I want to read and review! Books to the right I have won on various blog sites.
2nd Shelf - Books to the left are my Janet Evanovich books for the Challenge! The rest (middle and right) are mixed books that have to go into the correct author box!!
3rd Shelf - more mixed books to go into the correct box.
Bottom shelf - box on left is male mysteries: Michael Connelly, Jeff Deaver, Stuart Woods; Box in the middle is Linda Howard books; Box to the right is all Jayne Ann Krentz (also her aliases Amada Quick and Jayne Castle).

Bottom box left is Sandra Brown (I sent a bunch out to a friend since it will be a long time till I get to read them!). Basket is mixed I wanted to read but haven't gotten too. Box on right is mixed Romantic Suspense. Blue plastic basket is JoAnn Ross.

To the left two boxes all historical romances mixed by year and alphabetically - 1991 to 1999 and 2006 to 2008. Then a box of Christian books and a box of fantasy books.
Then boxes for Suzanne Brockman, Brenda Joyce, Mary Jo Putney, Kat Martin, Johanna Lindsey, Mary Higgins Clark, Tami Hoag, Judith Ivory, Amanda Scott, Ann Seymour. Then mixed boxes of mysteries and romance.
Not shown are about seven more boxes still in my closet! They contain: Nora Roberts, Joan Johnston, a box of Anthologies, a box of Christmas Anthologies, a box of 2000-2005 mixed historical, a box of women's fiction and another box of mixed mysteries. Ohh - and another four boxes in the bedroom corner: Heather Graham, a box of contemporaries and comedy romance and a box of favorites I had picked to read but haven't gotten too.
Now you can see why I really have to partcipate in that Random Reading Challenge! I haven't gotten to any of these books since I got the Kindle2 in May and started reviewing! OH YES - I also have about 50 pdfs either won or bought which are on my computer!!
Any one want to shout "OVERLOAD!!!" No wonder my DH grumbles about my books!!


  1. Martha, OMG, no wonder I love you! I don't know what I would do if I had that many books. I think I would die a very happy woman in about 900 years! :)

    Here's mine if you want to see!

    Hope you are well!


  2. Haha! The bulk of my books are in those large, blue Rubbermaid boxes - I only have 2 bookcases for over 600 books!

  3. Hi Tami! I have thought there are enough books for at least four years if I read about 150 books per year! The problem is I keep getting more! :)

    Hi Cat- Thanks for stopping by! How do you know what books are in the boxes? So you keep a list?

  4. LOOOVing that Bookshelf.. that is awesome..!!
    And thanks for stopping by my blog as well, I appreciate your comment!

  5. Thanks Marie! I Love my bookshelves too *BG*! Thanks for repaying the visit too.

    And Ladies I hope you will enter the First Giveaway for Spinning Forward - a very good book! And tomorrow another Giveaway will be posted!

  6. Hi Miss Remmers! Thanks for visiting and following!

  7. OMG! It's Heaven!!

  8. Oh my goodness, I'm in Literary Heaven! If I die tomorrow I'd come haunt this place, hope you won't mind. ;)

  9. Hey Elle! I wouldn't mind you haunting my shelves! Wouldn't it be great if we had time to read all of these books! :) I hope we get to read in heaven!


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