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Monday, December 28, 2020

Book Review: Message in a Bauble (Big Honey Dog Mysteries #3) by H.Y. Hanna

This was a fun little Christmas mystery with dogs as the stars!
Message in a Bauble (Big Honey Dog Mysteries #3)
by H.Y. Hanna

Published December 10th 2013
by H.Y. Hanna (first published November 26th 2013)
This story does not seem to be available on its own but it is part of the collection:
Big Honey Dog Mysteries HOLIDAY COLLECTION
(Halloween, Christmas & Easter stories for kids): A dog detective holiday mystery adventure for children ages 9 to 12 years.
Publisher : Wisheart Press (October 20, 2014)
Genre: Children, Christmas, Dogs, Mystery
My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0.

Christmas intrigue. Daring rescue. Serious slobber.
When Honey the Great Dane finds a hidden note inside a strange Christmas bauble, the festive season takes a sinister turn. Was the note from a trapped child? Join Honey and her canine friends as they set off on a Search & Rescue--from snowy playgrounds to eerie libraries--while they race to solve the mystery of the message in the bauble.
Kids and dog lovers will love this action-packed Christmas mystery filled with suspense and humour - not to mention candy canes, gingerbread cookies and lots of mince pies!
This short novella is part of the Big Honey Dog Mysteries - don't forget to check out the full novels in the series: Curse of the Scarab(#1) and A Secret in Time(#2)

Honey is a Great Dane who seems to like to solve puzzles. She has a lovely group of friends, including a Golden Retriever, a Beagle, a Siberian Husky, and a Jack Russell Terrier. Honey finds a piece of torn paper inside a broken Christmas ball. The dogs decipher the note and decide that it is a message for help from a trapped child. Honey is unable to get the attention of her human companion, so she and her friends decide to follow the clues themselves.

The story is sweet and engaging. The dogs have their own cute quirks (Honey has slobber) and humorous phrases like: “Oh, ticks”, “festering fleas” and “for barking out loud”. The mystery is fun and helps a child and a dog as the investigation progresses. The author also uses the mystery to share information about another animal and to share knowledge of food risks to dogs. This is a quick, fun read and I recommend this (and probably the other books in the series) to those who enjoy dog stories.

Ms. Hanna also writes the Oxford Tearoom Mystery series with cat characters. I have a box set on my Audible TBR and I look forward to listening to it.

Source: Free Kindle November 2014. This qualifies for 2020TBR goal.

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