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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Book Review: Just One Taste by Louisa Edwards

This books serves up a delicious feast of trouble and romance.
Just One Taste (Recipe for Love) by Louisa Edwards
  • Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks; 1 edition (August 31, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0312356471
  • ISBN-13: 978-0312356477
     Genre: Contemporary Romance
     My Rating:  4.5 of 5.0

He has a hungry mind.
Bad-boy chef Wes Murphy dreads his final semester cooking class—Food Chemistry 101—until he meets the new substitute teacher. Dr. Rosemary Wilkins is a feast for the eyes, though her approach to food is strictly academic. So Wes decides to rattle her Bunsen burner by asking for her hands-on advice—on aphrodisiacs . . .

She’s got love down to a science.
Rosemary is a little wary about working with Wes, whose casual flirtations leave her hot under the collar. But once they begin testing the love-enhancing power of chocolate, oysters, and strawberries, it becomes scientifically evident that the brainy science nerd and the boyish chef have some major chemistry together—and it’s delicious . . .

A fun read with “delicious” writing.
Wes isn’t a “bad-boy” in the way that you might think as a playboy type. His “bad” history comes from a childhood on the “scam” with his con artist dad until the scams landed him in a halfway house. Which was really a good thing because it turned Wes around and gave him a goal for the future with his love of cooking.

When Wes first spots his geeky but sexy teacher (you know the kind hiding behind the frumpy lab jacket, hair pinned back and wearing thick glasses) he thinks maybe he can con...ah no, make that charm... his way into a good grade. Then things get hot in the lab and they both jump from the pan into the fire, so to speak.

Rosemary has an IQ off the charts but is naive on friendships and relationships having lived her whole life set apart from normal people and in the standoffish presence, or more often absence, of her wealthy, brilliant parents. She views most things in scientific black and white.  Unfortunately the bubbly emotions that come with Wes take a fast plunge when Wes runs off.

Wes takes off to try to protect Rosemary’s reputation. But leaving a note saying “I’m off to the job I always dreamed of” isn’t exactly brave or kind.  When they meet again he is thrilled to have a second chance but prideful Wes is going to hide his background at all costs, even if it means lying to Rosemary and losing her. This is really idiotic since it seems she could handle the truth.  But where would the betrayal and story be??  So with two strikes behind him, is there any chance Rosemary will trust him again?

Behind the primary story there is a strong secondary story involving the relationship trauma between the gay couple, Frankie and Jess. As in the first book of the series, this was nicely handled with good characterization and natural heartache and angst.

I enjoy the smooth writing with the very natural, true to  life, presentation of the characters. There are lots of apropos cooking phrases, like: “Drawn to her like butter melting toward the hottest spot in the pan....”, which are peppered throughout and add flavorful fun to the story.  I thought the ending was a little weak and would have liked an epilogue to tie up loose ends instead of leaving unanswered questions since this is the end of the series. All in all this is a sumptuous and satisfying romance.

One caution: The language is very strong and scattered throughout so be forewarned.

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