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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review - Beyond the Map's Boundary: A Timely Sort of Adventure by Nibi Soto  Beyond the Map's Boundary: A Timely Sort of Adventure 
Author:  Nibi Soto
    Beyond the Map's Boundary: A Timely Sort of Adventure
  • Perfect Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Thornock Int'l Productions Inc (February 1, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0615288251
  • ISBN-13: 978-0615288253
Rating: 4.5
    Product Description
    All Mattie Bott and Trevor Karington have ever known were unusually happy, stable lives without any hint as to who they really are. Suddenly, Mattie starts seeing into the future and witnessing historical events appearing on particles of light. Unknowingly, Mattie was born into a family of Trekkers (time travelers). In order to save Mattie from dissolving into the core of time, Trevor becomes her Splitter (time link), making it possible for her to return to the present following each Divvy (time travel) to the past. With the accidental discovery of the Rings of Prather Mendell, Trevor now shares many of her powers as her partner. Together they try to foil the plan of the Interloper (an illicit time traveler from the future), who will stop at nothing to possess the secret, supernatural abilities of the time travelers and the forbidden powers of the rings.

    Review: This fun, fast read pulls you in quickly and sends you along time hopping and teleporting!

    The author has created a time traveling world with its own special jargon: Trekkers, Splitters, Divvys, Boosts and more. There is a “Words and Terms” in the back to help follow the new buzz terms. The action is fast paced from beginning to end and there is sweet romance and fuzzy family affection.

    The story jumps into a bit of mystery and moves quickly to a crisis threatening Mattie’s parents. When Mattie’s mother disappears, Mattie suddenly has to get a crash course on being an Inheritor of the time travel gifts. Mattie runs into trouble the very first day and Trevor is pulled in to become her Splitter and help mate. It isn’t enough to figure out the clues to get Mattie back from an accidental time trip but then they have to race to get married before Mattie disappears back to the body part at a time!

    The Interloper seems to be one step ahead of the family as he burglarizes houses and the special Library vault trying to get the power of the Rings. The Interloper kidnaps Mattie’s dad and Mattie and Trevor have to research the Book of Ancestors and seek some unexpected allies to find a way to rescue him. There are jingles and chants to learn and codes to puzzle through.

    I really liked the intricate details that were necessary to keep the travel lines and modes accurate. Each character fits well in their role, including an eccentric housekeeper aunt and a bitter librarian aunt. The writing is a clean, simple level so that young teens can enjoy it as well as adults who like a fun, quick read. The matching pictures at the beginning of each chapter help you visualize the actions described. There were inaccuracies in the legal aspect of the “eviction” but that only bothered my lawyer side a little bit. Since it is all fantasy then that sort of thing doesn’t have to be accurate as long as the fantasy world is stable, which it is.

    The Interloper has an accomplice whose identity remains secret. Also, Mattie gets some help from some younger twins who are also a mystery. With these items left unexplained it appears there is a plan for a sequel. That is good - I say “bring it on”.  This is a good break from historical fiction and romance.  I bet the Audio version would be a lot of fun too.

    This book was provided for review in association with the Tour (check the link for other tour stops) through Pump Up Your Book Promotions.

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